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Not feeling pregnant.

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momma0105 Wed 17-May-17 11:52:52

Hi there. I am 18 weeks pregnant. The pregnancy was a surprise however me and my husband are very happy.

Since discovering that I was pregnant I have felt no real emotional attachment to our baby. I am so lucky and grateful for this pregnancy, however I am finding it hard as not naturally maternal.

I have experienced no sickness, no pains, no cravings, no feelings and last of all, no real bump. I am finding it hard to emotionally accept I am pregnant due to the lack of attachment and no real feelings of being pregnant.

I count myself lucky that I have not felt ill or being too big that I cant fit into my clothes. but I am waiting for something visible to make me excited and enjoy this pregnancy. I don't think I have really experienced the highs and lows of being pregnant and that upsets me.

We are approaching our 20 week scan. Originally we didn't want to know the sex. I think it was at the time I thought I would be good for me as I wouldn't over analyse etc, but now I am thinking do we? maybe I would feel more attached knowing I was having a little boy or girl?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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