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Schools in ldn

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Elkalv Tue 16-May-17 23:33:34

I heard from friends that you are supposed to sign up for schools in first week your baby is born.. is that true? And how do you even chose schools as i can not be sure I will live in same area as I am renting?

memyselfandaye Tue 16-May-17 23:37:30

Your friends are talking bollocks.

You apply a few months before they start.

Elkalv Wed 17-May-17 23:54:45

Anyone else to comment? This does sound ridiculous , but two good friends mentioned it so can not be by accident/ misunderstanding.

Rodent01 Wed 17-May-17 23:59:31

Private primary schools in many parts of London, yes. Register within the first year after birth for most.
State schools in London, no. Apply when the council tell you to 6ish months before start.

Sparklyuggs Thu 18-May-17 06:02:17

Maybe ask your friends which schools they signed up with? Most I heard was people putting names down for nursery straight after birth but not primary school- no guarantees I'd be living in the same part of London by then!

TestTubeTeen Thu 18-May-17 06:08:13

You need to get on the waiting list immediately for some childcare nurseries.
Lots of fee paying schools have 'from birth' waiting lists.
It is not possible to apply for state primary school places (including nursery places at that school) until the application time.

AuditAngel Thu 18-May-17 22:11:19

There is a pan-London system that co-ordinates applications. Children start school in the September after their 4th birthday (although some schools stagger the starts). Applications for primary are usually due partway through the preceding January

tinypop4 Fri 19-May-17 06:38:09

If you're planning to use state schools then no, you apply the year before they begin.
Private schools sometimes this is the case, and there are a few nurseries that are v popular and have waiting lists

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