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Pregnancy after 2 m/c - nervous

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NW10teacher Tue 16-May-17 22:50:08

I'm basically just after some advice on this one! I've had two m/c within a few months of each other and I found out last week that I am pregnant again (7 weeks). We were quite honestly not meaning to try again so soon, but it has just sort of happened!! I lost my last 2 at 8 weeks and 9 weeks respectively and I'm finding that I'm just in an absolute state of paranoia and I cannot relax at all! I had horrendous morning sickness today and took the morning off, but after a bit I was going so crazy at home that I dragged myself in anyway for the afternoon when I was still feeling icky.

Basically, I'm worried about having another m/c and I'm worried that being so worried is going to make it more likely! I know I just need to chill out but it's kind of not happening. Does anyone have any words of advice?

So sorry for the moan!

Iamthedogsmother Tue 16-May-17 23:02:05

This happened to me. I had two mcs. After the second I got pregnant again three months later. I was terrified and spent the whole time feeling like I was made of glass. Dd was the result, now 8.

There's nothing anyone can say to stop your worries. Do you have any reasons for the mcs? I didn't. What about any early pregnancy scan? Its natural to feel anxious, sit tight and just take one day at a time. Before my mcs I had DS. When I was pregnant with him, my mum was terminally ill. I was terrified the grief and stress I had would damage DS, it didn't, he was fine. Whatever will be, will be, stay calm, good luck x

NW10teacher Tue 16-May-17 23:02:36

Should also have mentioned that there were no complications with the 2 mc, and no obvious reasons for them having happened. My GP (who is lovely) said it seemed like "just bad luck".

NW10teacher Tue 16-May-17 23:07:17

Thanks for your lovely message and I'm glad your pregnancy following the 2 mc went well in the end! Nope, there was no obvious reason for either of them. I am due for a scan at 10 wks. I totally understand what you mean by feeling like you're made out of glass - I'm totally paranoid and being as I work in a school where 14 year olds practically double my size charge around like stampeding elephants and frequently career into you in the corridors, it's not an ideal combination!

Aria2015 Tue 16-May-17 23:14:02

Aw you have my sympathy, I have been in your shoes and know that anxiety all too well. Firstly, don't make yourself more anxious worrying about being anxious! Secondly, try and take things a day at a time and distract yourself as best as you can with anything you can!

I was lucky because I got given early and regular scans in the first 12 weeks of my third pregnancy and I have to say that did help me feel a bit better. Are early scans an option for you?

I must confess my anxiety didn't leave me throughout my pregnancy. It was pretty tough and not a happy time but it did have a happy ending and that third pregnancy was successful so I hope that gives you hope.

I hope that it's third time lucky for you too! Good luck and congratulations!!!

NW10teacher Tue 16-May-17 23:18:28

Thank you! It makes me feel more positive just to know that others have been through the same and with a happy outcome...

I did ask about the early scans but the 10 wk scan was all I was offered. And I guess there are others with actual medical reasons for needing them more (rather than just being paranoid, like me!) so I do understand that...

Aria2015 Tue 16-May-17 23:28:30

Oh good, 10 weeks is better than waiting to 12 weeks. I know each day feels like a week though!

I think I got the scans because I fell pregnant straight after the second miscarriage (before having a period) and initially they didn't think I was pregnant again but scanned to check and saw a heartbeat and then they just kept inviting me back every two weeks! That stopped when I got to 12 weeks though.

I ended up paying a consultant for two private scans at around 28 and 38 weeks though. I just was so paranoid something would go wrong that I wanted a medical professional to check everything. Luckily my dh indulged me!

ticklycough Wed 17-May-17 07:37:54

Hi. I had 2 Mc's a while ago and found out I was pregnant again the end of last year. I was so worried history would repeat itself, I know exactly how you're feeling. Every day felt like a milestone up to 12 weeks. I expected to find blood every time I used the bathroom. It's a good sign you've got morning sickness, as it's likely your pregnancy hormones are rising so take some comfort in that. I'm 31 weeks now with our rainbow baby 😊 fingers crossed for you, there's every chance you'll be OK.

JustAWestcountryGirl Wed 17-May-17 07:55:15

Totally know how you feel!
Two miscarriages, pregnant again and terrified!
Didn't even discuss names or buy anything until a few weeks before due date.
Thankfully here she is, happy and healthy!
The midwife who I saw during my second miscarriage told me something reassuring. She said that they see women having their first miscarriage several times a day, they see women having their second miscarriage maybe once or twice a week, they see women habit their third miscarriage maybe three or four times a year.
The odds are massively stacked in your favour!

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