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Endometriosis and labour

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MissBax Tue 16-May-17 19:31:47

Was just wondering whether anyone with endometriosis could tell me about their labour experiences? Did you go into labour prematurely? Did you hemorrhage? Any ante/post natal issues?
I've just found out my OH has to work away for 5 weeks from weeks 30-35 of my pregnancy and starting to worry as there's an increased risk of premature labour / antenatal hemorrhage etc. He's hoping he can get his placement changed due to me being a high risk pregnancy, but just wanted to hear anyone else's experiences if you're willing to share! Thank you.

MissBax Wed 17-May-17 08:24:39

Anyone? Or any gynecologists out there who can shed a little light of first hand info. I can Google and find statistics but would much rather hear about RL experiences...

RebeccaNoodles Wed 17-May-17 09:52:51

Hi! I'm not an expert but maybe can reassure you a bit - I have very severe endometriosis (have had major surgery for it in the past) and I'm 35 weeks pg. I have never heard of any risks associated with endo and labour/haemorrhage ... Not sure where you heard that? I've had multiple antenatal appointments with umpteen midwives who have never been concerned by my endo either! I am classed as low risk for pregnancy. This info page from the NCT doesn't mention any complications either:

Not sure what else to add but I'd suggest you speak to your midwife about this and/or contact the endo charity - hopefully they can reassure you.

Sorry your OH has to be away for 5 weeks though - that is a long time. Maybe ask friends/family to keep you company and be an emergency contact in the (highly unlikely!) even anything happens?
Congratulations on your pregnancy. flowers

MissBax Wed 17-May-17 12:35:48

Hi Rebecca, thanks for the message smile and congratulations on your pregnancy too!
I'd been told that by my GP, although I do have other gyne issues as well as endo so maybe that's why he said that to me.
I'm actually at the midwife in the morning so will definitely ask her a bit more then too! Yeah it is a pain, fingers crossed they can send someone else and he can stay!

RebeccaNoodles Wed 17-May-17 12:39:39

Hmmm ... well I hesitate to contradict your GP though they are not always (ever?!) experts on endometriosis!! Maybe there were some crossed wires - definitely ask your midwife and maybe ask to see an obstetric doc too if you have concerns.
Hopefully your OH can get out of working away, I think that's fair enough with a partner who's 30 weeks pg! Good luck smile

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