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Twinges in the same spot

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Lemondrop99 Tue 16-May-17 11:55:56

Silly question but I keep getting mild twinges in exactly the same spot. It's low down and on the right hand side, a few inches in from my hip bone.

I'm 20 weeks and this started sometime in 18 weeks. I had hoped that I was starting to feel baby movements, but now I'm thinking that's unlikely as it's always in the same spot?

I don't think it's round ligament pain as I had a few of these and that been more like a sharp snap which made me say 'ouch' and then that's it.

This twinge doesn't hurt, it's more like a muscle twitching that comes and goes. I'm feeling it several times a day now. It's just weird that it's always in the same spot.

Any ideas what it is?

yawning801 Tue 16-May-17 12:15:45

No idea, but I'd contact a MW.

EpoxyResin Tue 16-May-17 12:44:48

Muscle twitching sensation = baby movements. The second I read your title I was as sure as you can be when responding to things on the internet smile

I would say it makes perfect sense it's in the same spot, particularly if it's lower right hand side if my experiences are anything to go by; maybe there's a strong leg there? Or maybe that's where your placenta isn't (if you know what I mean), or just a sensitive spot for you for whatever reason.

If you're worried by all means contact your mw, but I strongly suspect from your description that it is in fact movements. At 26 weeks (second pregnancy) mine still feel like muscle twitches if I'm concentrating on other things. It's only when you know to focus on them you can tell they're something different, but then you'd have to know when they were coming, which is hard when they're infrequent to start!

CatRash Tue 16-May-17 13:40:21

I'd agree - sounds exactly like baby to me. When I first started feeling movement I described it exactly as muscle twitches and they were always quite low down.


Lemondrop99 Tue 16-May-17 15:14:43

Hmm that's interesting. As I said, I did initially wonder if it was movement, but given that the twinges were always in the same spot, I then thought it was unlikely. Hadn't really considered placenta position, I don't know where mine is yet. I haven't had any of the floating feeling or bubbles popping that people describe (unless my "twitches" and their bursting bubbles are the same sensation?). I wish I knew it is was movement as I've been looking forward to feeling it.

So confusing. I guess it'll become clear in a few weeks when baby in booting me in the bladder at 3am!

mummabubs Tue 16-May-17 16:11:27

I've got exactly the same thing at 19.5 weeks- although I would say mine feels more like a pain than a twinge but exactly the same place as you Lemondrop! I've got a consultant appointment on Friday so was planning to ask then. Like you I've been waiting to feel baby but equally have no idea what I'm looking for! X

Lemondrop99 Wed 17-May-17 09:17:58

Well I got a full on 'snap' last night which made me yelp and similar to what I previously assumed was round ligament pain. It was in the same spot at the twinges hmm So just when I started to think maybe it was movement, I'm wondering if it's just the uterus stretching.

Ergh, I don't know. I'm not worried about it, it's just frustrating to not know what it is (probably because I wish it was movement and I don't know if I'm not recognising it confused).

I don't have another appointment for weeks socant ask the midwife, and I'm not going to ring her over something so minor. Sigh

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