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17weeks pressure/stomach cramps, baby low.

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rachealgeorgia12 Mon 15-May-17 07:30:18


I'm 17 weeks & I have a previous of very early labours starting from 24 weeks.
The last 2 days I keep getting extreme cramps started off just above the lowest point of my stomach now it's below my stomach, in between my legs etc.
It's worse when I sit down to when standing up.
Last night I saw a big lump pushing out the top of my vagina (below bottom of stomach) seemed like baby?!
I think baby is very low now and im worried this may be wanting to come out in a few weeks or so?
Does this sound normal to anyone or does this sound like my baby is dropping?
I've been constantly urinating recently, way more than before.
It's just constantly feeling so uncomfortable down low all the time, but the cramps only come every so often & as I say more so when I sit down.

Any advice would be appreciated!


PotteringAlong Mon 15-May-17 07:32:25

Call your midwife flowers

BernardsarenotalwaysSaints Mon 15-May-17 07:37:53

Given you have a history of preterm labour & the time I'd be calling labour ward (community midwives don't tend to start until 8 or 9). They may refer you to epau but it differs in different areas. Hopefully it's nothing to worry about & baby just favours your lower uterus but it's better to be safe.

rachealgeorgia12 Mon 15-May-17 07:44:36

Thank you for your advice, normally I would be checking with them straight away as I did in previous pregnancies but I've just moved to a completely different area, so everyone's differently and it's all new! I'll defiantly give a call though, thanks x

BernardsarenotalwaysSaints Mon 15-May-17 08:28:53

I hope everything checks out ok Racheal flowers

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