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34 weeks maybe labour

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user1494812234 Mon 15-May-17 02:38:53

Hello, probably just over thinking things!
I went for a walk today and got out the car and straight away had a lot of pressure down there. Walked further and had sharp pains coming and going for about 10 minutes.
I've need to pee a lot more then usual and I've been having very runny loo runs.. 💩 also had very bad back pain on the way back to the car after the walk to the point I needed my partner for support to walk!
Had a midwife appointment last week and she said I was very low and should pack my bags just incase...
Could this mean anything?
Thank you for any advice in advance!smile xx

guineapig1 Mon 15-May-17 03:21:04

Are you still having pains? It could be early labour or it could be braxton hicks. Either way, your maternity notes should have a 24hr number on them for the labour ward - please give them a ring and ask to be checked. If it early labour they may be able to stop it and/or may give you steroids for the baby's lungs. They can espresso that you and the baby have the best possible care. If it is a false alarm - no harm done.

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