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Feeling flutters at 15 weeks

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I had a scan when I was 13 weeks, and was surprised to see my baby being not so small and very active. I kept feeling strange movements like flutters from 14 weeks, but thought nothing of it, generalljust thought it was my gut, however now I'm 15 weeks, I can definitely feel these flutters more and more. It's so strange yet such a nice feeling.

I'm curious who else felt these early? How far along was everyone?

LucyAutumn Sun 14-May-17 19:22:18

I felt a flutter at 13 weeks! A lot of mums at work told me I was 'wrong' and it was 'too early' but gradually I felt the same thing more and more, am now 25 weeks and the flutters have developed into full on kicking/ movement! smile

Jenijena Sun 14-May-17 19:27:53

First time round, not til 20 weeks, but second time round, I felt something from about 11 weeks.

EviAnastasi Sun 14-May-17 21:12:46

It can definitely happen smile With my first pregnancy, it was around 16 weeks, if not a little later.. This is my second pregnancy now and I started feeling flutters at around 13 weeks, but definitely felt the baby bouncing around when the monographer was scanning me at 12 + 5, she said that is quite common on a second pregnancy, especially when they're putting pressure down with the wand, you have more sensitivity and awareness. Enjoy every movement, it is incredible! xx

confusedat23 Sun 14-May-17 21:17:42

I've felt mine since 12 weeks and this is my first... everyone apart from my mum has told me to stop being silly it can't possibly be the baby but ive felt it get stronger week by week and i'm 16 weeks now xxx

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