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32 weeks - what should I have done by now?!

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Crisscrosscranky Sun 14-May-17 16:22:46

I feel totally unprepared. We're in the middle of a massive loft conversion (bungalow to house- adding three bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs) so I can't do the nursery- I'm not too worried as baby will be in with us for first few months but what else should I have done or bought by now?

AbbeyRoadCrossing Sun 14-May-17 16:27:26

I wouldn't worry about a nursery. Baby will probably be with you for the first 6 months anyway.
I'd get your hospital bag packed. Trust me you don't want your DH or DP bringing you random stuff - I hadn't packed mine!
Clothes for baby, somewhere to sleep, and feeding equipment if planning on formula.
Depending where you are in the country if you have local shops and supermarkets most things can be picked up last minute

EssentialHummus Sun 14-May-17 16:29:42

No practical experience but 5 months along and also mid-renovation... In terms of stuff for the baby, I'd make sure you have clothes in Newborn and 0-3, and the crib/cot/whatever you'll be using in your room, and from there it's a question of how much you want to have around you/where the nearest supermarket is.

Ecureuil Sun 14-May-17 16:30:58

Err nothing? Survived! I hadn't done anything at that stage. I didn't decorate a nursery as I knew the baby would be in with us for 6 months at least. I bought a pram, Moses basket etc at around 36 weeks. Packed my bag around then too.

haveacupoftea Sun 14-May-17 22:43:05

Make sure you get a car seat soon as you can't really leave hospital without one, get some blankets and things in for your Moses basket/crib, pack your hospital bag, have you had your whooping cough vaccination?

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