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Telling older dc that baby is on the way...

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stuckinthehouse Sun 14-May-17 11:56:36

I'm SO excited about telling 6yo dd and 4yo dd! It's still a month or so before I have my scan which we will wait for before telling them, but I know that they will be absolutely over-the-moon and can't stop thinking about it!

Any lovely stories of telling older dc to satisfy me until it's my turn? How did you tell them? What was their response?

vfoster Sun 14-May-17 12:48:15

We told our three year old (and the rest of the family) around the tree on Christmas Eve. We got her a gift from the baby and a t shirt saying 'Father Christmas is promoting me to big sister'. Lots of excitement from the family and DD was more interested in the doll! She loved the attention when she wore the t shirt on Xmas day though.
She's got a lot more excited since and we took her to our 20 week scan and that made her really excited! Now she asks me every few days if the baby is coming out yet! Enjoy!

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