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Suspected obstetric cholestasis

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123naomib Sun 14-May-17 07:00:23

Hi all

I was sent to hospital for monitoring at 36+2 after raised blood pressure at routine 36wk check. Hospital monitored me and took bloods - some of the readings were 'abnormal' so was asked to return for repeat tests and monitoring two days later.

I returned and this time, was told that I had raised LFTs consistent with obstetric cholestasis, and I needed to return again two days later for another set of repeat bloods. If OC is confirmed they are talking about inducing me.

The strange this is, after a lot of googling, the main symptom of OC is itching and scratching which I don't really have (or any that I do have is very mild, and I just put down to a normal pregnancy symptom). The midwife at hospital was also really surprised I am not itching and said that usually women come to them with the issue, not the other way round!

Has anyone ever been diagnosed with OC without the itching? It's really confusing.

JonSnowsWhore Mon 15-May-17 19:26:53

Hey OP are you still here?

123naomib Mon 15-May-17 20:01:27

I am still here! Some itching now but very very very mild - nothing I would worry about.

I have been booked in for induction on Monday when I will be 38 weeks exactly. I have also had a sweep today and was 1-2cm dilated already, but not sure that really means anything.

JonSnowsWhore Mon 15-May-17 20:38:28

Came looking for a thread about OC as I had the same as you today, routine midwife appointment, got sent for monitoring at the hospital, for raised blood pressure & not as Many movements at they'd like since last night. I told them about itching on my legs but they didn't seem concerned as it's usually on hands & feet. They eventually sent me for a blood test & by the time I'd got home they were calling me to say hey had the results & they were high for the bile levels! So mine is a bit unusual as well seeing as I don't have the itching on hands & feet!

How high were your levels for them to book you in for 38 weeks? Is that just something they do regardless of how high the levels are? I've got to go back tomorrow for a review but obviously can't stop googling to try & find out what might happen 🙈 did you have any other symptoms?

BurnTheBlackSuit Mon 15-May-17 20:41:30

This is a good site for informAtion about Obsetic Cholestasis:

I hope everything goes well for you both flowers

123naomib Mon 15-May-17 20:44:40

They didn't say what my levels were today, just that they were raised again. They were 37 on Friday though. They are also worried about my blood pressure as it has been high since last week and they want to keep monitoring that, so the consultant today was saying I have two problems, both which warrant an induction. I think regardless of levels, they will book you in if they think you have the condition, as from what I can gather the levels don't always correlate with the extent of the condition or the itching. I have no itching at all on feet. I have some on my palms but mainly ankles, top of arms and neck. It gets worse when I am warm but that's only started today and my readings have been dodgy since Friday so may take a few days to happen. She basically said the only cure for both my problems is delivery, and so didn't want me to go past 38 weeks. I was quite shocked as I feel well in myself but am confident they are doing what's best. Try not to worry but I know it's awful, I have been googling all weekend and there's not much on the condition when there's no itching.

123naomib Mon 15-May-17 20:48:44

Thank you for the information ill take a look at the website

JonSnowsWhore Mon 15-May-17 20:49:24

Ahhh so I could be booked in for 38 weeks aswell! To be honest I'm not so much worried about the safety of the baby by being induced early, I know that's considered full term & they'd be doing it to help rather than put him in danger. I'm just not bloody ready! I still have stuff to buy & things to do indoors haha!

So your itching only started today? I've had mine for quite a while but no ones been that concerned as it was on my legs until today when I asked them for he blood test as I'd been sent there any way. Good job I did!

Ankleswingers Mon 15-May-17 20:50:17

I had this with my first pregnancy. Had to have a trace on the baby three times a week and my blood was checked weekly too. I also had a scan on my liver as well.

I got diagnosed with OC at 30 weeks. I had mildly itchy hands that I casually mentioned to the midwife. I didn't itch much at all.

The OC got steadily worse the further along in my pregnancy and the bile acids were super high at 37 weeks and I had to have an emergency c section.

My DS is now 6 years old grin

Good luck op.

IndianaMoleWoman Mon 15-May-17 20:51:44

I was induced because of liver levels with my second pregnancy. I had no itching and the doctors were perplexed - I had an urgent liver scan as my levels ended up at 1,200! I was admitted for monitoring but as the levels were rising they induced. Everything was fine with the baby and my liver levels began to reduce on their own after the birth. They returned to normal after three weeks. I saw a liver specialist as my levels were so high but no cause was ever found.

Good luck!

IndianaMoleWoman Mon 15-May-17 20:53:05

Sorry it was ALT levels that were raised, not bile acids.

JonSnowsWhore Mon 15-May-17 20:53:16

Thanks for the website I'll have a look now!
Oh & OP 1-2cm already should be good, will give you a little head start when they induce you!

Oh god sounds like I might as well move into the hospital then!

123naomib Mon 15-May-17 20:54:46

Yes I'd had none at all. If I'd not have gone to hospital for monitoring my blood pressure I wouldn't even know about the abnormal bloods. From what I can gather, induction by 38 weeks is pretty standard procedure in these cases. I also have to have a liver scan but the midwife said that may even happen after I have delivered! I am in for repeat bloods and monitoring on weds, and the consultant even said she may bring the induction date forward to the end of this week if she feels it is necessary, but I think if nothing has changed then they'll leave it on Monday. In the mean time I've been prescribed some piriton and told to take one every eight hours if itching gets worse.
I hope you get sorted out now! My consultant said the itching can appear anywhere and in some rare cases not at all, so I think it seems silly that they have ignored you this far!

123naomib Mon 15-May-17 20:57:16

Thanks for your stories. I'm feeling more relaxed although I am shocked that I am being induced in less than a week...I still don't feel like I have got my head around it as I feel fine! But I better start to get my head around it I suppose! smile

JonSnowsWhore Mon 15-May-17 21:00:22

That's exactly it I can't get my head around it happening in 2 weeks potentially either! I better get online & order my last minute things just incase!

Hopefully nothing changes for you then so you don't have to be rushed in this week, I'm sure you want to enjoy your last weekend before it all happens!

123naomib Mon 15-May-17 21:02:10

Yes I would get ordering anything you need just in case. Thanks, I'm keeping my fingers crossed now for a smooth process!

JonSnowsWhore Mon 15-May-17 21:06:05

Interested to see what my hospital say tomorrow, I'll come back & spill all tomorrow, make sure you let us know what happens with you on Wednesday smile

123naomib Mon 15-May-17 21:07:22

Will do! Good luck smile

ThreeForAPound Mon 15-May-17 21:10:30

I had insane itching and OC was picked up at 30 weeks. Had an emergency section at 37 weeks (they couldn't induce me as had had a previous c-section).

However, my best friend had OC picked up at 39 weeks and had no itching, so it does happen. She was induced straight away.

Good luck - it'll be fine flowers

mumsy2015 Mon 15-May-17 21:19:51

I just wanted to add that the website mentioned is full of information all based on the latest research as the charity is run by people who work in research. They also have an excellent facebook support group where you can post any questions or concerns and get a quick response. Generally once diagnosed delivery is recommended between 37 and 38 weeks. This can sometimes be earlier if bile acids are very high. URSO is normally prescribed to lower bile acids. Although the main symptom is itching there are atypical cases. I itched on my legs mainly and not severely at all but my levels were very high. My dd was born by c section at 36 weeks but is now a happy healthy toddler. ICP support were so helpful to me all the way through as they are so knowledgeable about the condition- definitely worth a look.

JonSnowsWhore Mon 15-May-17 21:22:30

So even though the midwife had my first blood test back today & said my levels were 'high' (I assume she just meant higher than they should be as she didn't say an actual number) am I still not actually diagnosed until they've done further tests?

Catlover1812 Mon 15-May-17 22:10:19

I'm being induced in a week exactly, at 37 weeks, because of OC. Not sure if this helps but I was told bile acids above 15 mean you qualify as suffering from OC. Mine were 19 last week but 42 this week. The results take a few days to come in so I'm worried they will sky rocket again. My hospital said they don't want to take any chances re induction and tbf the worry and stress is getting me down, even though I feel generally OK (itching on hands and feet has almost disappeared due to medication). Good luck and please keep us updated xx

JonSnowsWhore Mon 15-May-17 23:12:36

Try not to stress cat, I know it's easy for someone else to say. But 37 weeks should be perfectly fine & just got to remember they're doing it for the best possible out come smile
I'm itching like mad tonight, all over, but it's probably because now I know it's there I'm constantly thinking about it so probably imagining half of the itching grin

JonSnowsWhore Tue 16-May-17 14:57:47

Bile levels are only slightly raised but it's my ALT levels that are really high, 392 I think. So I'm in again Friday, Tuesday & Friday for blood tests & monitoring, and induction on 29th may at 38 weeks smile

123naomib Tue 16-May-17 17:15:30

Glad you got to the bottom of it! Time now to get prepared and ready for the arrival smile

I have been out today and bought extra stuff for my hospital bag seeing as the outlook has quite likely changed from spontaneous labour to induction - can't see me going into labour naturally now!

Thanks everyone for your experiences/info

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