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Confused about diastasis recti

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chelle85 Sat 13-May-17 21:09:26

I am currently 27wks pregnant. I have continued exercising throughout my pregnancy and been careful to avoid abdominal exercises as advised by my instructor. But when I was away last week I noticed as I sat up some coning of my belly which is a sign of seperation. But when I do the test for diastasis my abs are closed below belly button and 1cm above belly button which is where I see the coning. So now I am not sure if I have diastasis recti or not as it seems it is only considered if the gap is more than 2cm

I am trying to always roll onto my side before sitting up but is there anything else I can do / should avoid to make sure I don't get separation?

feesh Sun 14-May-17 04:58:52

It's normal for the muscles to separate during pregnancy. They have to to make room for the baby. It's whether they knit back together or not afterwards that is the issue. Do continue to protect them through pregnancy, but don't worry about whether or not you currently have a diastasis as you almost certainly do. Just check again around 6 weeks post partum and take it from there. And if you do have one, I really recommend the Mutu System for fixing it.

chelle85 Sun 14-May-17 22:35:21

Thanks feesh. I've only in the last couple of weeks starting getting a noticeable bump so I was surprised that it is seperating so soon and want to keep it to a minimum to ensure I can close it properly after the birth. I've seen some articles on kinesiology taping which I may try when I am exercising to give a bit more support.

The irony is that it tends to be when I am doing stuff about the house that I forget posture and notice the doming.

Will have a look at Mutu system. Hadn't heard of that.

NaturWilde Mon 15-May-17 06:25:21

Mutu is safe to do while pregnant too! Another recommendation here. I'm 11w and plan to do it throughout the pregnancy and beyond (you get lifetime access).

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