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No exercise in 2 years, now 8 wks pg. What exercise would you recommend?

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MrsP1610 Fri 12-May-17 22:33:10

Basically, what the subject says! I used to do zumba 2 to 3 times a week, then after I moved house and away from the classes I stopped going to classes and never got back into it. That was 2 years ago, now I'm 8 weeks and worrying I haven't got any fitness. What would you suggest I should take up? Any advice appreciated

Rainbowqueeen Fri 12-May-17 22:35:48

Walking swimming or yoga with an experienced practitioner used to working with pregnant women.

Or a combination of all 3

Congrats on your pregnancy!

SheepyFun Fri 12-May-17 22:38:25

I think swimming is recommended as safe even if you haven't been doing it beforehand - I was certainly able to swim with no problems during pregnancy despite having not been in a pool for years.

HSMMaCM Fri 12-May-17 22:41:47

If swimming is fabulous during pregnancy. You're all light and floaty and it makes you feel great. I used a float in the later stages, so I don't have to make any effort.

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