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Bad/severe back pain.. Second trimester?

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gemgems2214 Fri 12-May-17 09:58:50

Hey im 27+1 with my first baby. On and off all the way through I've had a dodgy back. But past few days my back is absolute agony in the lower part, right side, hurts to get up from laying down, sitting, bending, rolling over in bed. Its like a knife being driven into my back. Anyone know what this could be? I've had the pain in my legs and bum cheek but its just my back lately. I cant see doctor until next week and im almost in tears. Even picking my tiny dog up hurts so much.
I've tries a bump support and that's not helping, nothing is.

Thanks in advance.

MissBax Fri 12-May-17 18:26:22

The fact it's been in legs and bum too sounds like sciatic nerve but I'd get to your gp really.

user1494693849 Sat 13-May-17 18:00:20

It sounds more like sacroilliac pain than sciatica. Can you ask for a referral to antenatal/women's health physio - it was the best thing I ever did!!
The advice I was given was ignore all of what you know re: good postural management. Leaning forward to take pressure of the SI joint relieves the pain. Think leaning on your arms with boobs and belly hanging.

From lying to sitting roll onto your side, and the like a pendulum swing feet down (together) and push up with arm/elbow into sitting.
Sit to stand lean forward so your nose is over your toes and use your hands between your knees to push up, or place a chair in front of you (if sat on sofa etc) for leverage.
For rolling in bed make sure that your hips/knees/ankles are parallel by using pillows to reduce the pressure through the joints.

Hope that helps!! smile

dede124 Sun 14-May-17 10:04:28

I feel your pain 😩 I'm aching all over at 19weeks! I have noticed my posture is quite bad I slouch a lot plus getting use to the extra weight. Have you thought about trying some yoga and stretching exercises?

Creatureofthenight Sun 14-May-17 14:25:21

Ask your midwife for physio referral, they may be able to do it over the phone, hopefully quicker than waiting for GP who will likely refer you anyway.

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