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Boobs hurting less and history of miscarriage! Opinions please!!

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user1494251545 Thu 11-May-17 20:03:05

Hey ladies,
Quick question, but I'm 6 weeks tomorrow,I thought I was further along but when I went to the hospital recently as I had some bleeding and was worried as it's my first pregnancy and there is a history of miscarriages I thought it best to get checked out.
The hospital told me to go to the episode first thing the next morning and get an internal scan just to check everything was OK, I went the next morning and done the scan and the nurse said I looked less further along than I thought so she couldn't find a heartbeat but could see the yolk sac and said everything looks to be growing in the right places!

So as I said tomorrow I will be 6 weeks from what the nurse told me, and sometimes my boobs stop hurting and it makes me worry,I have cramps but they're not painful cramps or anything just a little uncomfortable sometimes. Constantly thinking something's going to go wrong but really trying to focus on the positives!

Also is it common for your back to hurt at this early in the pregnancy? Was at work today and all day my back was killing me and my legs are aching 😩😩

Thanks in advance for any comments 😘😘
Michelle xxx

Hazandduck Thu 11-May-17 20:08:56

My first pregnancy symptom is always back ache. I don't get it with my periods so I always know. I'm on pregnancy number 3 after 2 miscarriages so I understand how horrible it is trying again and trying to stay calm. I can't really offer any medical advice but I hope you have lots of support around you at home, handholding here xx

Hazandduck Thu 11-May-17 20:10:00

Also the early scans can be off with dates and later scans baby can catch up, so it may be something like that, or perhaps you ovulated late? Are your cycles regular or is this your first cycle trying after a miscarriage? That can affect how long your cycle is too x

jinglebellmel Thu 11-May-17 20:53:18

My symptoms came and went all the way through early pregnancy, it's really worrying, but it doesn't mean anything. Were the dates far out? it's easy to be a little off if ovulation isn't when you though, late implantation, sonographer slightly off with measurements etc.

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