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Unusual period

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kiwi10 Wed 10-May-17 22:34:42

I tried this on another thread but didn't get much luck.
So I thought I'd come here instead.

Basically I have a really discharge(y) period like my period is red but I have stringy discharge with it like a lot l. Is this normal for a period as I've never had it before.

Sorry for tmi and thanks in

Jessiecat27 Wed 10-May-17 23:33:09

I had a really weird one similar actually! I was two weeks late, had a bleed like what you mentioned for two days but quite heavy and then stopped, well my next period never came and I'm now 12 weeks pregnant! I don't know if that helps or I'd it was even related? Sometimes we just have odd ones!

kiwi10 Thu 11-May-17 01:13:58

See I had suspicions as my boobs are fuller feeling and tingly and heavy which I never have when I had a period the only time I ever had that feeling was when I was pregnant.

I did take a test but came out negative i don't know if I'm too early or it's just an odd period!

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