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Still don't feel pregnant.

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Sonder Wed 10-May-17 20:43:39

I'm 29 weeks and I just don't feel pregnant. I forget most of the time. It's like it's not registering in my brain.

I don't have a bump or any symptoms. Literally nothing has changed for me. I've put on a lot of weight but to be honest my weight yo-yos anyway. So i just feel fat.

I can feel the baby moving all the time and obviously I've had scans so I know there is definitely a baby in there and that I am pregnant. I just don't feel it.

I sound bonkers, I know.

I was really, really happy and excited about this pregnancy for the first 18 weeks or so but now I while I feel happy I just can't feel that it's real.

Does anyone get what I mean? How can I make this pregnancy feel real and get in to the mind set that I have an actual, real baby on the way?

Fruitcorner123 Wed 10-May-17 22:42:55

It's a long time to wait and you get the initial excitement and then life just carries on. You still have to work, carry on with social life and other commitments. Your bump will get bigger in the next 4 weeks or so and that will help. The when you leave work for maternity it will really hit you!

Honestly though you are lucky to not have all the nasty symptoms I hope it stays like that for you.

And congratulations I am 20 weeks too with my third!

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