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Endo pregnancy

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MissBax Wed 10-May-17 15:38:23

Is anyone else here pregnant with endo? I have way more cramping and pain than the average pregnant woman and thought we could use this as a place to support throughout. It's obviously a highly anxious time for me following years of ttc and corrective laparoscopy and could do with someone else who knows what I'm going through ❤

LapinR0se Wed 10-May-17 15:42:55

HI there! Yes here's my history:
2012 laparoscopy confirmed endo, had it lasered off
Blissful relief for about 9 months
2013 another laparoscopy as it came back with a vengeance
2014 IVF which resulted in our gorgeous DD
No period 2014 due to pregnancy and most of 2015 due to breastfeeding
2016 significantly improved periods until the last few months
2017 frozen embryo transfer - currently 7+3 weeks pregnant
I do have quite a large cyst on my left ovary but gynaecologist says not a cause for concern. Have the stretching pains and cramping I experienced in my last pregnancy too!

MissBax Wed 10-May-17 15:54:21

Hi Lapin. Well firstly congratulations on DD and your current pregnancy, that's so wonderful!
Id had gyne issues since 2013 (pain during sex, random bleeding, hirsutism - yuk!) and ended up in a+e twice with such severe abdo pain I couldn't move and was vomiting with the pain! I had to eventually FORCE my doctor to take my bloods and send me for scans etc. They found my left fallopian tube was distended (hydrosalpinx) yet even then they didn't refer me to the right place. Back and forth from GP and TTC for 3 years when I finally met my lovely consultant last year. They did the fallopian tube dye test and realised both tubes were occluded. I was devastated. I had the laparoscopy but he advised we start proceedings of ivf. Was due to start this June and found out in December I'm pregnant so the lap must have worked (incredibly)!
OH and I are so on cloud 9 that it only recently hit me that we might struggle again in the future if we want to have more children. Your post has given me some hope though!!

LapinR0se Wed 10-May-17 16:11:24

Congratulations to you too! So how many weeks are you now?

MissBax Wed 10-May-17 16:38:58

24 weeks now 😀😀 we were worried about telling people for a good while but feeling much better now the anomaly scan has confirmed everythings ok!

LapinR0se Wed 10-May-17 16:41:31

Ooooh well done! So exciting smile

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