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Cerazette - pregnant or not?

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charlottexox Tue 09-May-17 21:16:56

Hi ladies, I just have a little girl 8 months ago and was put on cerazette, anyway I stopped taking it on Friday, and had sex on Sunday. I have had no withdrawal bleed, I also haven't had a period on it since January. Is it possible to get pregnant on this pill after stopping it so soon? When could I test if I don't know when my next period is due? Anyone got pregnant on this pill and what symptoms did you have?!

Lolabee Tue 09-May-17 22:16:22

Stopped taking it mid January and am 8+4 now.
My first cycle was 48 days long. Which was the first bleed I had had.

Emma2803 Tue 09-May-17 23:00:41

I didn't ovulate until four weeks after I stopped cerazette. I fell pregnant second cycle.
You would have to wait two weeks before a test would show positive.

OVO1410 Wed 10-May-17 04:25:57

I've been on cerazette for 14 years with breaks just when having my two DC. Both times I had one withdrawal bleed and then conceived the first time I ovulated (10 weeks after my last pill). I know 3 people IRL who got pregnant while taking cerazette. If you're pregnant, it'll show on a HPT 2 weeks after you DTD.

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