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Nub theory? Plus when to start preparing!

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ethelfleda Tue 09-May-17 19:16:29

Hi everyone
We had our first scan today and now feel so excited! I am 13 plus 2. Here is a pic for any nub theorists out there.
Also wanted to ask, when did you/will you start buying/preparing? It still feels a little early to me but then I have done nothing! Haven't got the first clue on how to look after a baby, let alone anything about Labour or hypnobirthing etc! When did you start buying/reading/doing nurseries etc??
Thank you!

Sparklyuggs Tue 09-May-17 19:35:06

I'm useless on nub theories!

In terms of preparing, whenever you feel ready. I bought a couple of sale items of clothing and did most of the bigger items-cot, pram etc after 18 weeks. I kept scouting the Facebook selling groups and bought my next to me at 16 weeks, I was a bit hesitant about it but I'm glad I did as I've not seen one for sale since.

I'm not superstitious, and quite frankly if something had happened in my pregnancy then spending money on baby items wouldn't have been the worst part of the whole thing. That said, the 20 week scan felt like a good time to buy the big things for me.

Try not to buy too much too early, it's good to get things in the sales and gave something to browse online when you're very pregnant smile

CabbagePatchKid91 Tue 09-May-17 20:02:24

I done my nursery at 30 weeks and got my pram at 35 weeks. I got little bits of clothing along the way. And had lots of very enthusiastic relatives buy DD things from when we announced!

CherriesInTheSnow Tue 09-May-17 20:29:52

Congratulations and lovely scan picture!

In terms of preparing, just do what you enjoy for now. As long as you budget for the big things there is no need to rush. They do say that the earlier you can start hypno birthing books etc the better, as it give's you more time to become familiar with the techniques.

On regards to planning for labour, I was very excited with my first and started writing a birth plan very early, and am doing the same with this one! I'm also only 13 weeks smile

When it comes to your labour plan you do need to be flexible though. I didn't do much planning for hospital besides what I would bring; I mainly focused on pre hospital labour as you generally have much more control over that, especially with your first.

Topsyloulou Tue 09-May-17 20:42:09

Can't help with the nub theory, I can never tell the difference.

I bought the monitor about 16 weeks because it was such a good price for a brand new monitor. Everything else I waited until after the 20 week scan. We bought a lot off eBay & tried to do one bigger purchase a month to spread the cost out a bit.

Don't need to buy too much this time round but will start keeping an eye out on eBay for a crib relatively soon.

ethelfleda Tue 09-May-17 23:07:02

Thank you everyone x

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