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recall to hospital after abnormalities found in dnc tissue

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captin1234 Tue 09-May-17 14:30:49

Iv had two miscarriages in the last 7 months, told each time i had dnc that they couldn't check anything till i have 3 in a row. So i was very surprised today to get a phone call from early pregnancy unit. They said that they had routinely tested what was removed and although i hadnt had a molar pregnancy the tissue had abnormalities of molar and they want me to go in today/tomorrow for bloods to check my hcg levels are normal. I had the dnc 26th April and this time my recovery was completely diff from first, 4 days after op i thought i would have to go back in, i had excruciating pain for two days and bleeding increased. I only stopped bleeding completely last few days. I know my hcg levels are still showing as i have done urine stick tests. Im feeling quite concerned as she mentioned molar, she didnt seem to want to give me any extra info as to what may be going on if hcg level to high. Has anyone had any similar issues

PhDPepper Tue 09-May-17 14:35:02

I've just had a molar pregnancy, hcg was over 600,000 in the end. I had it removed last week, and will be having weekly tests to see my hcg comes down on its own.

Mine was a complete molar so lots of grape like cysts. Hope you're okay xx

giraffe88 Tue 09-May-17 14:36:36

Hi Captin
So sorry for your losses I don't have exactly the same experience as you but I had miscarriage back in October which they thought was ectopic so had a laparoscopy and baby couldn't be found so went home and went back a week later to be told they thought I had a molar pregnancy once they explained things to me I was very scared after d n c I then had to wait three weeks for results to see if it was molar luckily for me turns out it wasn't but that doesn't take away the horrifying thoughts that enter your head when faced with this.
I do wish you all the best and they can be wrong so don't automatically assume the worse (like me).
Keep us updated flowers

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