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C-section scar management during second pregnancy

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newbian Tue 09-May-17 03:49:08

I'm about 10 weeks with DC2 and my scar is starting to itch. I'm guessing that as things start to stretch and expand there will be some pressure on it. Any idea how I can care for it to make sure I don't get too uncomfortable?

For reference DD is 18 months old so it's fresh-ish but I was told as long as I waited 12 months to be pregnant with #2 risks related to the incision would be manageable.


tootsieglitterballs Tue 09-May-17 08:58:08

No words of wisdom I'm afraid, but very much in the same boat! 11 1/2 weeks, 27 months after EMCS . Had lots of pulling / niggles I certainly didn't have last time. My stomach muscles were ruined after last time, so probably not helped at all.

I've been using palmers on my scar itself to try and loosen it, and it's very tight.

Good luck!

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