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40+4 and baby not engaged and back to back

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rose7120 Sun 07-May-17 23:09:25

Title says it all really... I'm struggling to picture a straightforward birth and feeling quite anxious that the baby will be okay.

If anyone's been in this position then I'm eager to hear your story. Equally anyone suffering overdue blues is welcome to join in our wait wink

MyNameIsntTaken Sun 07-May-17 23:55:31

Mine was breech at that stage but had turned by 41 something and was born a little under week after. At the time they told me loads of babies don't decide to get into position til as late as possible so not to worry.

Good luck!!

BentleyBelly Mon 08-May-17 05:32:59

My dd arrived at 40+2 back to back never having been engaged until labour. Labour wasn't really that bad either. You will be fine. Try and relax and maybe spend some time bouncing on an exercise ball...that seemed to kick me off. Good luck x

user1480264544 Mon 08-May-17 07:28:16

I was engaged from really early and stayed that way .. baby went back to back on the day I went into labour. I would try not to worry it can all change very quickly x

BringMeTea123 Mon 08-May-17 11:53:55

Hi Rose7120

My baby was back to back although they didn't know this until I was in labour. Your baby could turn before he/she arrives. When I was being examined in the hospital she could feel my little boy almost turning but in the end he was delivered back to back. He was absolutely perfect. I hear labour can be more painful if baby is back to back but I have nothing to compare to as he's my first.

I was also 10 days late and had to be induced. He was a very hefty 8lbs 9oz! Arriving 11 days late in the end (I'm only a size 6-8, so you can imagine lol).

I couldn't use gas and air as it made me feel horribly sick and out of control. I only had pethadine but wouldn't recommend it as it knocked me out and I still felt every pain lol.

Good luck!

BringMeTea123 Mon 08-May-17 11:55:22

My baby engaged on his due date too but like I say he didn't arrive until 11 days later. Think he must have been back to back the whole way through my pregnancy as he was very active and I could feel every movement!

rose7120 Mon 08-May-17 17:32:21

Thank you - they're some very reassuring responses. I think being overdue has meant my mind is working overtime and it's hard not to get anxious about these things. I've had braxton hicks, but nothing to indicate labour is on it's way, but perhaps it will surprise me smile

@BringMeTea123 well done you - that sounds like a hard labour! I had a scan at my last check up because they thought he could be breech and said he was a 'good size' and did I have the glucose blood test (yes - it was fine). I think I could be heading for a big un too shock, although as long as he's healthy I don't mind.

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