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When do babies turn? Still breech at 30 weeks

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MamaTT Sat 06-May-17 21:32:22

I had to go to the hospital today after some bleeding (cyst on my cervix) and the midwife commented that baby is still breech and she would have expected her to turn by now. I'm now in a bit of a panic and googling ways to get her to turn. I had DC1&2 vaginally with no complications and have got my heart set on a home water birth. A c-Sec would make life enormously difficult with baby being due just before the kids finish for school summer holidays and with DP being so busy with work and renovations to our new house. Me being off my feet would be a real pain in the shitter.

Surely she's still tiny at 30 weeks so there's plenty of time?

JonSnowsWhore Sat 06-May-17 21:59:22

Had a scan at 34+1 last week & found out mine was breech. Spoke to consultant, said they'd do a scan at 37 weeks to see if he's still breech.

Buuuut I've had so much movement already this week that I'm convinced he's already turned, so still definitely plenty of time! & my theory is if you're on your 3rd like me, you're all nice & stretched in there so baby will have room to move around for a while more 😊

Justmuddlingalong Sat 06-May-17 22:01:32

DS3 turned at 41+ weeks. Twas truly the weirdest sensation ever, but goes to show it's possible, even late on. Good luck.

OhTheRoses Sat 06-May-17 22:07:47

Well dd was breech at 28 weeks, and 32 weeks. She was large. Had two failed ECVs. Planned section at 38 weeks on a Monday. She was breech the Friday before when I went for checks. On Saturday I thought I was going into labour and then the contractions stopped. On the Monday she was cephalic. The obstetrician said it was my call.

She was induced at 41.3. 8lb 13oz, 1-3/4 hours after my waters broke. No stitches. Bright pink and screaming smile.

She's nearly 19!

ImperialBlether Sat 06-May-17 22:12:31

My daughter turned really late on - I can't remember which week but I think it was within a month of her being born at 41 weeks. I watched it happen - like watching the Loch Ness monster!

Bluebellwoods123 Sat 06-May-17 22:37:55

Mines just turned a week and a half ago at 31+4, in the middle of the night and it was very uncomfortable . I was really worried mine wouldn't turn.

Oopsypoopsy Sat 06-May-17 23:39:03

I had my 35 week "what's going on with you and the baby this week" email today and it said the baby might still do a few more back flips before settling in to the final head down position in week 36. So I'm sure you don't need to worry yet. If you do get another 6 weeks down the line and she hasn't gone head down then getting on all 4's and arching your back up and down can give the space and encouragement for rotation. And I'm sure if you google it there will be other moves that can help too. x

kathrynelizabeth3005 Sun 07-May-17 00:17:45

My DS was breech until 32+2. He turned around inside me so abruptly it made me throw up!

Glitterbaby17 Sun 07-May-17 01:57:20

Mine was breech at 28 weeks, head down at 31, breech again at 34, head down at scan at 36w3. Now 37w6 and hoping she's still head down! Is a weird feeling when they turn but at 30 weeks your LO has lots of room

Mummyme87 Sun 07-May-17 08:38:35

Breech babies can turn at any time up until the point the presenting pet is engaged into the pelvis which for you as you have had two babies before will likely be well into labour. As your uterine muscles are more relaxed Baby has more chance of turning up until term. 30weeks is still early, don't worry. If at your 36week mw appt baby is still breech she will refer you for a scan

Wombletor Sun 07-May-17 09:57:09

My last baby turned breech at 39 weeks which was pucked up at a stretch and sweep, so I was booked in for a section at 39+5. I did a lot of inversions as a last ditch attempt for him to turn and on the morning of the section I was scanned prior to surgery and he was head down. I was induced that night in case he turned again.

You have plenty of time for the baby to turn, have a look at spinning babies to help things along. Good luck

MamaTT Sun 07-May-17 11:00:42

Thank you for the reassurance! We are having growth scans every 3 weeks, next one is a week tomorrow. Both DC1&2 Were head down by 26 weeks so I'm just a bit panicky. Will try not to worry about it until nearer the time. I'm wondering if she's still doing literal somersaults because some days the kicks are really low and some days they're right up in my ribs. I suppose she's still very small compared to the amount of space available to her so she has lots of room.

MummyPenguin2 Sun 07-May-17 11:02:26

Mine both turned at 36/40, which I was told was totally fine

Misspilly88 Sun 07-May-17 11:04:11

Don't worry! I've only just found out my baby is breech at 34 weeks, but only first babies usually engage early so you still have AGES for it to turn.

tappitytaptap Sun 07-May-17 11:04:12

Mine turned at 39 weeks. Went in for pre op for ELCS, sent home, went into labour at 40+2 and ended up with an EMCS anyway!

Hollyhop17 Sun 07-May-17 11:05:08

I'm in hospital right now being monitored
I am 29+3. I had a growth scan at 28 and they told me he was breech and he still is today. Thinking of this thread I asked when it was a problem and the midwife said they dont worry until 37 weeks. I am really hopeful my LO moves, desperately dont want a c section...

Spam88 Sun 07-May-17 11:06:37

My midwife didn't even start checking until 36 weeks so I imagine they're not concerned before that anyway.

Fattycowagain Sun 07-May-17 21:32:30

I turned when my mum was 41+3 pregnant.

Cakescakescakes Sun 07-May-17 21:35:41

37 weeks. Was breach for the whole time up to then.

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