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Confirmed slapped cheek (parvovirus)

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djkjwk Thu 04-May-17 10:28:12

Hi all just wondered if there is anybody else out there who has been in or currently in my situation and what your outcomes were.
I am 15 weeks pregnant and was exposed to slapcheek 2ish weeks ago so called midwife and she had my bloods checked to see if I was immune (60% of adults are) well it came back that I am then I had a new blood test done and it confirmed that I actually had the virus when bloods were taken.
I am now waiting to see consultant tomorrow to have a scan and check if everything is ok and will now need scans every week/2 weeks depending on what consultant says. I have been told although the miscarriage risk is now at 15% the baby could develop anemia and fetal hydrops but that wouldn't be until at least 5-6 after initial infection.
As you can imagine life is awful at the moment I just wondered if any of you have stories to share good or bad.

djkjwk Thu 04-May-17 16:21:32

Sorry was meant to say 5-6 weeks

mysecret321 Thu 04-May-17 16:25:24

So sorry you're going through this. I hope it turns out ok. Im really scared of this virus especially since it seems to be rounds atm! sad

chocaholic123 Thu 04-May-17 16:32:32

I'm sorry this is happening. I know someone else who caught slapped cheek. Her little girl is 4 now. Throughout her pregnancy she was kept a thorough eye on and had a lot of extra scans/checks/appointments. It is a very worrying time, but I'm sending lots of wishes your way. flowers

chocaholic123 Thu 04-May-17 16:33:01

I should've said *caught slapped cheek whilst pregnant.

djkjwk Thu 04-May-17 16:44:39

Thank you for your kind words
I googled it which I shouldn't have done as I've read some horror stories.
Only time will tell what will happen just can't relax and enjoy my pregnancy now.
Hopefully things look good on the scan tomorrow and then go from there.

chocaholic123 Thu 04-May-17 18:25:36

From what I believe (I was so nervous about slapped cheek and read a lot about it. Was around people with slapped cheek myself when pregnant, but luckily have immunity) even if you catch slapped cheek, you don't always pass it on to the baby. It has been diagnosed early so they will keep a very close eye on you. I know nothing will make you feel better now until you hold your baby in your arms.

Oh, and google is terrible......keep away!

April1984 Mon 29-May-17 09:38:40

Hi, did you have any symptoms? My GP has said she thinks my son has slapped cheek. I am not convinced! I just did a blood test this morn and now need to wait 7-10 days for results to see if I'm immune. I'm 27 weeks so a bit further on but my OB still talked about anaemia etc in baby. I am already a high risk pregnancy (high risk of preterm birth and have a cervical stitch) so could do without another thing to worry about.
Do you have any updates? What kind of monitoring will they do? Anything invasive? Thanks hoping it's a non issue for us both! X

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