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Advise please

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Ljc2017 Sun 30-Apr-17 19:00:26

Ok where do I start....
We sadly suffered a missed miscarriage on 29th march and had a d&c on the 30th.
We got th all clear to start trying again after 2 weeks.
I took a test a week after the procedure and it came back negative. I was totally gutted but saw it as a step forward to move on. I have since taken another test about a week later still with a negative.
We booked a little weekend away to help us move on and just before we left on Friday I took a test and it was positive! This would have been 4 weeks after my operation.
Panicked I drove straight to the chemist and bought 3 more one being a clear blue digital which stated 1-2 weeks pregnant! Totally all over the place. I've just take. Another one and the dates I've gone up to 2-3 weeks so the level is going up!
Has a miracle happened and I have got pregnant again already!?!?
Thank you

NapQueen Sun 30-Apr-17 19:01:24

It sounds like you are, yes, but I think Id try and hang fire for a fortnight and test again.

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