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Travel systems

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user1479669774 Sat 29-Apr-17 09:19:49


My husband and I are going pram shopping this weekend and we are are a bit lost as to whether we need a whole travel system and what the alternatives are.

Are they worth the money to get the full travel system or do they grow out of them.

When would you use the car seat to attach to the frame as they can only stay in a car seat for 30mins to an hour.

My sister has said we can have her car seat and isofox base as they've moved on to the next stage up so we're not sure if it's better to just get a regular pram/buggy?

Why advise on what you use would be appreciated

Thank you

haveacupoftea Sat 29-Apr-17 09:35:07

If your sister has the car seat and base you could always get yourself a pram that the car seat will fit into with adaptors to save you buying the whole travel system. I don't have a travel system but I do have a maxi cosi car seat and a Quinny buggy with adaptors for this very reason.

jamaicanbobsledder Sat 29-Apr-17 09:44:12

You can buy a set of wheels with a pram/carrycot and separate buggy attachment or you can buy a pram that converts into a buggy. I got the latter as tight on space and they don't use the carrycot part for long.

I'm not joking but for me the biggest considerations are more practical like how easy it is to manoeuvre (one handle better than two) and how large and accessible the basket is! There's nothing worse than being out and about struggling with shopping or bags.

CaipirinhasAllRound Sat 29-Apr-17 11:02:56

The basket is definitely an important consideration.
We got a travel system last time, not a stupidly expensive one, maybe £250 all in, and i did use the car seat attachment, certainly for shopping, nipping out, carrying baby back to the house asleep etc
I used the carry cot too, you can bring it in the house or leave in the garden if baby falls asleep when out for a walk and I tho k it feel a bit more secure and contained than just the buggy bit when they're small.

Topsyloulou Sat 29-Apr-17 15:13:40

We had a travel system. Got lots of comments from people saying we wouldn't use the carrycot but we used it loads, DS was very long so had grown out of it by 3.5 months.

Being able to put the car seat on the wheels is great. It meant I could pop to the shop & if DS fell asleep in the car I didn't have to disturb him, just lift the seat out & click it onto the wheels.

The buggy bit went either forward or parent facing & had a good recline on it.

We went to Kiddicare & tried them all out & then bought one off eBay for the 3rd of the price & it had only been used for two months. Then just had to buy the car seat & isofix base.

It does depend on your lifestyle though, do you go on public transport a lot, do you go off road a lot, how big is your car boot etc.

MSH2010 Sat 29-Apr-17 15:29:47

I'm hoping to get a travel system for the easability of being able to click / unclick the car seats rather than trying to get my twins in and out the car etc

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