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Pregnant and unhappy

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Roxxii Fri 28-Apr-17 13:02:04

I'm currently 39 weeks and 4 days pregnant.. everyone around me including the baby's dad is super excited.. where as I'm not. Not even in the slightest. I do care and love the baby.. but I don't feel a connection to her. All I can think about is how my life is going to completely change, I won't be able to go back to my career due to cost and childcare, il need a new part time job instead.. I don't have many friends anymore so il be alone a lot of the time. My family live quite far and my partner works till late. I recently have also found myself feeling irritated and unaffectionate with my partner. I don't feel as in love.. if he tries to cuddle me I get annoyed and feel suffocated, if he doesn't I get paranoid he doesn't love me anymore.. I just don't know how to feel or what to do.
I feel like I'm being selfish but nothing changes how I feel. Towards the baby or my partner. I feel lonely, lost, down, unmotivated. sad
Anyone know what I can do to change it?

leanandgreen Fri 28-Apr-17 14:21:17

Hi Roxxii, I'm feeling slightly similar at the moment and I'm only 17 weeks. I'm just taking it day by day, trying not to 'over think' and I will speak to my midwife about it at my next appointment because it is starting to affect my work life.

I think perhaps you should concentrate on doing things that you enjoy, don't over-think the fact that you don't feel a bond yet to baby, this will hopefully happen once baby is born and in your arms. Definitely tell your midwife how your feeling.

mum2benicole Fri 28-Apr-17 19:49:03

Defo talk to your midwife and maybe even talk to your partner about how you feel it's a huge thing having a baby and it comes with a lot of change but it can all be for the better. I had feelings similar to what you have said and I found when the baby came I needed him to stay of work a bit longer than what he wanted to just for support he put holidays in from work which took a bit of pressure of. Also going to groups was great being around others in the same boat helps a lot I want to breastfeeding classes anything we're there was other mams with new baby's.
just don't suffer and go it alone hun people are there for you and the person closest is your partner flowers hope you feel better soon and good luck with little one xx

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