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baby dad has blocked me and is moving houses

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Nmp1990 Fri 28-Apr-17 10:47:12

I'm absolutely devastated beyond words. I wasn't really with this guy but got pregnant. At first he vowed to be supportive but changed his mind than changed his mind again deciding he will be in our babies life but now he's blocked me on everything and planning on moving house. I am now in this situation once again as I have another child who's dad did this to me. I have a book coming out and a interview with a TV producer but I feel like life is no longer worth living . Is my birthday tomorrow and all I wanna do is lay in my bed and die. I told him since it wasn't planned and I didn't wanna put stress on him. I will take care of everything financially but please just be there emotionally but he's cut all ties. I feel a mess and a failure.

mum2benicole Fri 28-Apr-17 19:54:17

Your not a failure 1at off and your not worthless
chin up and don't give up you have your little ones who need there mam to be strong I think people like you do a good enough job without the half time father's who can't be armed to step up.
so your babies proud and the best mam you can be and f**k the people who can't be grown up enough to take care of there doing

Firstimefreaked Mon 01-May-17 02:09:50

I'm sorry to hear this x x big hugs, things like this are especially hard when your pregnant. I hope your birthday didn't go down so badly and you do something that makes you smile or is an indulgent for yourself x x my worst birthday was my 18th when I attended a funeral and was dumped the day before. I truly hope it gets better and you find another emotional rock, mums net is always here x

Firstimefreaked Mon 01-May-17 02:11:43

Might be worth seeing if there is any local groups in your area x if someone can do this to you now then they are not worth having x

nursy1 Mon 01-May-17 02:32:32

Hard in the night to feel like this. You are not a failure - book coming out, what an achievement, children, financially secure. That doesn't look like failure.
You are alone emotionally and that's hard. Reach out to friends and family if they are available and draw some strength. It will come good x

Atenco Mon 01-May-17 03:15:02

Well I have never brought a book out and chose an eejit for the father of my dd as well, and I am not a failure. You certainly aren't and we have our beautiful children to show for it.

Happy Birthday

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