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33 weeks and Miserable -UTI and BV anyone else?

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Tch1 Thu 27-Apr-17 22:26:36

This is my first pregnancy so I have nothing to compare it to and usually I'm someone who just gets on with things but I'm getting so down now.. I've had a Urine infection on and off throughout but the latest one has been for about 2 weeks. The first lot of antibiotics (amoxicillin) didn't work then because I live on an island with only one pharmacy (hard to believe I know) the other antibiotic they prescribed had ran out and I had to wait 5 days.. I'm now taking some liquid horrific tasting antibiotic as an alternative to see if that works.
I've also been told I have BV.. I was given flagyl pessaries which I had a reaction to and made me want to chop my vagina off. I've now been told to take 4x 500 mg of Tinidazol but after consulting a gynaecologist in the U.K I've been told this is not normally recommended. Has anyone else taken this?? Is it ok?
I start to think I'm ok and getting better then I get a massive urge to pee from nowhere and/or a stabbing pain up the vagina. This lasts anywhere from minutes to hours. Is this the UTI or the BV or a general torture of pregnancy?
Basically as you can see I'm feeling very sorry for myself and down. I'm wondering if anyone has experienced similar or if it's normal or if anyone has any advice no matter how small?
Thanks in advance..
A grateful but suffering mum to be!!

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