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14 weeks pregnant after missed miscarriage feeling like utter crap!

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Isthismummyreallyme Thu 27-Apr-17 20:22:16

Hi so I had a missed miscarriage in December with erpc. I'm not 14 weeks pregnant and have worried so much now I know everything is fine I don't feel very much. I have no motivation for home life or work I am extremely tired all the time. I have no idea what the he'll is going on. My diet is appalling recently and intend to change this. I walk 4 day a week for bout half an hour but that's my lot for exercise and just can't find the motivation. I have such a supportive dp but also have an amazing ds who is beginning to ask why mummy isn't doing x y z!!

We waited a month before trying again and honestly thought we were ready and still do. I feel sad about the loss was devastated but don't think about it every day.

Not sure what I want really someone to tell me they have got through this.

Thanks for reading

confusedat23 Thu 27-Apr-17 20:34:00

Hey OP... so terribly sorry for your loss flowers

I think what has probably happened is you are finally allowing yourself to properly grieve for your baby and what you are describing is perfectly natural! Also pregnancy is really fucking hard... i am 14 weeks tomorrow and it makes you tired and unmotivated!

Anyways just look after yourself OP and everything will be ok... if at your 16 week appointment you feel no better then maybe mention it to your midwife xx

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