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Insulin managed gestational diabetes: birth/induction question!

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Rockspin Thu 27-Apr-17 16:39:17

I had my dd1 in 2013 and had insulin managed gd with her and she was induced as per NICE guidelines at 38 weeks and delivered with no intervention or section.

Now I'm expecting dd2 and again have insulin managed GD. But I know the NICE guidelines have changed and induction at 40+6 is preferred.

I spoke to my consultant today in clinic as my GD is very uncontrolled currently and I'm having scary night hypos and generally feeling rubbish, I've also got quite bad anaemia which needed a transfusion and moderate/bad spd. Baby was measuring ahead at last scan (not that that means much I know as dd1 was estimated at 8lb something but was 6lb 4oz at birth) and he said we will scan again against decide when/how to have her in again in a fortnight.

So my question is, if you've had a pregnancy with insulin managed GD since 2015 (when the guidelines changed) at what point did you have your baby and was it by induction/section or did they come on their own?

haveacupoftea Thu 27-Apr-17 16:57:40

I have GD and my consultants told me that it's 40+6 for diet controlled if blood sugars are well under control and early induction around 38-39 weeks for insulin controlled with no other complications. I'll be induced between 37-38 weeks as insulin controlled and have too much fluid around baby, this was decided at my scan at 34+4 and I'll get the exact date at my next appointment at 36+4. Hope this helps as I have found it very hard not knowing when i will be brought in and worrying about getting baby out safely before the risky 38 weeks + period that you read about.

Rockspin Thu 27-Apr-17 17:26:18

Thanks so much, the 38 weeks thing sticks in my mind from last time. I'm hoping they'll induce me 37/38 weeks, my sugars are bonkers, no rhyme or reason for any of my readings and these hypos are scary. I had none of this the first time, I'll be glad when this is over!

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