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Please help me work this out....

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Hotpinkangel19 Thu 27-Apr-17 14:08:39

My last period was 23/3/17. I ovulated around 13-15th April, quite late I think, but I only stopped the pill on 26/2/17 so cycles not normal. Found out I was pregnant 2 days ago, around 10DPO. Took a Clearblue digital today which says Pregnant 1-2. Does this seem right? My husband thinks it should be further and has us both worried now. X

ellesbellesxxx Thu 27-Apr-17 14:13:49

Congratulations! Clear blue dates pregnancy from conception whereas midwives will go from last period. So if you are 12dpo, 1-2 weeks is perfect.. although technically you are nearer 4/5 weeks.
Please don't take clearblue as law.. you will find countless threads about them. I didn't go up to 3+ until almost 7 weeks..and that was with twins!

Rikalaily Thu 27-Apr-17 14:22:29

My last period was 27th March, I ovulated around the 9th and got a 1-2 on the 21st, don't worry 1-2 on the stick means 3-4 weeks pregnant so is in the expected range for your dates smile

Hotpinkangel19 Thu 27-Apr-17 14:26:48

Phew!!! Thank you so much!!!! Xx

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