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Best Way to get Child Maintenance

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NAOCM Wed 26-Apr-17 17:16:35

I split with my baby's farther a few months ago (I'm currently still pregnant, but only have a few weeks to go). He hasn't been in contact for months to see if everything is going alright and made it clear he isn't interested in being involved. I personally don't care if he doesn't want to be involved as I feel the child is much better off without him as he was abusive and an alcoholic. (Both of which only came to light after I got pregnant - Which wasn't planned)

He has a very good high-paying job (Over £1000 a month after bills) and comes from a rich family. Money was never something I was interested in while we were together as I loved him for him, Not his bank account, However when we were together, He often threw the fact he had money in my face because I was on a low paying job. He used money as a weapon. One of the reasons our relationship crumbled.

I feel that even if he doesn't want to be involved, He should still support his child, However due to how he was with money while we were together, I don't want him accusing me of using him for money. It would be for our child and thats it.

I have been left to buy absolutely everything for the baby aswell as raising him and supporting him financially after the birth, i just feel since he does have a father, He should help out financially too.

Would it be better to try and contact him and talk about this between us or take legal action for advice/support/aid with this as I know he's going to be difficult. I've never done this before.

Alittle worried about posting and asking as I've seen alot of MumNet users can be quite harsh with their responses, but please, Bare in mind, I'm a young mum to be, just looking for friendly advice.

cigarettesandcush Wed 26-Apr-17 17:29:02

You can contact child maintenance service and they can contact him on your behalf to arrange child maintenance. You do not need to do this nor should your baby be without. I have used CMS always for my child as there is no way my ex would pay anywhere near as much as he has been told to pay me. Give them a call. Good luck

NAOCM Wed 26-Apr-17 17:32:25

Thank you very much, I have a meeting on Friday (For something unrelated but would still be able to help) so I'll ask for more information about it then.

mistressofquavers Fri 28-Apr-17 16:41:44

You can open a case with the CMS by phone it's £20 to start a case. Not sure if you have to wait until the baby arrives though. Child maintenance options website should be able to tell you.

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