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Stress due to work, what did you do?

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PuddingPie16 Wed 26-Apr-17 14:46:45

Just looking for advise please and no judgment!

I work in a stressful role and have found the last couple of weeks difficult. My Manager is great and will be getting in a new person to ease my work load in June but I feel like that seems a long way away and am slightly concerned my stress levels will affect little baby who is due in August.

I saw a GP today for a routine check-up (offered to all first-time Mums at this stage in pregnancy in my area) and briefly mentioned this to her and she said if I ever needed some time off to let them know and they would sign me off. Has/is anyone else in the same position? I know I am not physically in discomfort (not yet anyway) but I feel I get to mid-week and feel so worn out mentally and physically.

I would not be looking at a long time off, just a week or two but I don't want to look like I can taking the mickey at work. What are peoples thoughts please?

Want2bSupermum Wed 26-Apr-17 14:50:03

If your employer can't make reasonable accommodations take the leave. It isn't worth it. It's a week or two over your working life and totally understandable.

Sparklyuggs Wed 26-Apr-17 15:02:58

I don't think it's taking the mickey, stress and exhaustion are real issues and you need to prioritise yourself. Could you get signed off for a week or two to rest up then go back to work?

PuddingPie16 Wed 26-Apr-17 15:15:16

Well that is what I was hoping to do because I feel like 1 to 2 weeks of rest would really help and I could re-charge my batteries. I don't have any annual leave to take either so I am concerned about not having a break until July and being stressed.

Thanks Ladies, I might approach the subject tomorrow with my Manager. I guess I am just being the typical pregnant woman and worrying what colleagues etc will think too?

tatatetelle Wed 26-Apr-17 15:28:04

I don't think you're taking the mickey at all! I'm due in July and am feeling knackered all the time - poor sleep, little one growing, lack of focus... I'm definitely not my usual self at work. I had last week off (annual leave) and am feeling like I didn't have any time away from the office already, because it's not just about catching up on sleep but also managing being tired day to day during and after the time off.

I've asked to work from home 1 day per week and it's been signed off so hopefully will be starting that next week, but on top on taking some time off, you should also think about after you come back. I've been very fortunate and have had it 'easy' so far but I'm finding the third trimester really tiring!!!

Neverknowing Wed 26-Apr-17 15:32:27

Legally your work has to do everything they can to reduce stress as its a real threat to your unborn baby. I would take the leave unless they can help smile

Sparklyuggs Wed 26-Apr-17 16:09:38

Please don't worry about what your colleagues think, it'd be one thing if you had posted to say that you felt fine but just fancied a week off work so you could go out having fun but it sounds like you feel unwell and want to spend a week or two lying down, sleeping and recharging. It's very difficult to explain to someone who hasn't felt like this,I never expected to feel so unwell in pregnancy, morning sickness excepted, but I realised I was doing no one any favours by continually phoning in sick at late notice and being in for a day, out for a day.

My GP has been fantastic and reminded me it feels like ages away but ultimately it isn't forever, and the number one priority at the moment is my physical and mental health, which goes for everyone. It's hard though, I felt like such a failure for being signed off work even though I couldn't articulate why to DH.

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