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Red bleeding at 5 weeks????

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Ttc321 Wed 26-Apr-17 14:22:13

Hi all
I'm 5 weeks pregnant today .. earlier at work I was making my lunch when all of a sudden I had a Wet feeling down there so I checked and there was bright red blood in my pants, it soaked through to my jeans (sorry tmi) .. it was very red .. I left work and have been on pant check since! It isn't heavy anymore, but when I wipe or check inside there is blood .. but it's now darker than before. I have a bit of discomfort but I don't have any cramps yet. I am devastated as I have PCOS and have tried for this baby for years!!! I have a gp app at 4.30.
Does this sound like a misscarriage to you?? Have u had this experience? So scared sad

MmmMalbec Wed 26-Apr-17 14:46:34

I had bleeding earlier in this pregnancy. Started brown, then pink and then I had a rush of red blood too, before it went back to pink, brown and then disappeared. It started at 5 weeks and finished at 7. I'm now 22+3. If it's without pain or cramping etc, there's still a chance. I had a scan at 6 weeks where I saw a heartbeat but before that I was sure I was going to lose the baby. There were also quite a few people on my antenatal bus who had bleeding and everything is fine. Really hope it's a good outcome for you too.

MieMoosMummy Wed 26-Apr-17 15:21:58

Don't have much experience here. Just came along to hand hold. I know its incredibly scary but try to keep a level head. Don't know if you're close with your parents but I find a phone call with my mum always helps! flowers

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