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Reassurance - had to carry heavy 3 year old

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archersfan22 Wed 26-Apr-17 12:39:40

I'm 22 weeks now, uneventful pregnancy so far. Went out to the shops today with tall heavy 3 year old and on the way back he just point blank refused to either walk or go on his scooter. I think he might be going down with something, because although he sometimes does this, I can usually encourage him along with a bit of persuasion, but this time he was getting more and more hysterical. I ended up having to carry him quite a bit of the way back because I couldn't think how else I was going to get him home, plus I did a lot of lifting him off the floor to try to persuade him to walk, so as well as the carrying there was a lot of wrestling/dragging.
I feel ok, if tired, so I expect I'll be fine, but am just worried I could have injured myself. Baby is wriggling well as I write but I know this was really not ideal...
I will not be going out without the pushchair again!
Has anyone else done anything similar while pregnant??

BertsBlanket Wed 26-Apr-17 12:46:48

I lugged a very heavy two year old (95th percentile) up a steep hill when heavily pregnant. Other than finding it ridiculously hard work and needing a long sit down all was fine. I didn't give it another moment's thought.

If your baby is moving and you have no alarming symptoms that you haven't mentioned then I really wouldn't worry. Keep an eye on movements perhaps, seeing as you've been feeling concerned, but really don't worry. Babies are made of surprising strong stuff and are very well protected in there!

BertsBlanket Wed 26-Apr-17 12:48:54

Sorry, you're worried about yourself not the baby, I read too quickly and skipped that bit!

Take it easy and if there's no obvious problems then there's no reason to think any will develop.

theAntsareMyFriends Wed 26-Apr-17 12:54:55

I was told that there is no risk to your baby from carrying weight. The risk is to you are your tendons are looser and you are more likely to pull something or hurt your back.

I've been carrying my 3 year old plenty and have been fine. I also have to carry fairly heavy things for work and just try to lift sensibly. The one issue I've had is crouching to lift a box and sneezing at the same time which resulted in a bladder fail!

archersfan22 Wed 26-Apr-17 12:55:39

Thank you - I was a bit worried about both of us but baby seems to be doing its best to reassure me!
Will definitely be taking it easy this afternoon...

Scaredycat2016 Wed 26-Apr-17 13:43:07

Hey, I'm 26 weeks and regularly carrying 20kg sacks and full water containers (joy of horses) Midwife advised so long as I lift carefully its not a problem smile (I did ask if I could continue very early in pregnancy..... And again at every appointment before people think I'm a reckless weight lifter) xx

archersfan22 Wed 26-Apr-17 13:47:35

I haven't really had to lift 3 year old much so far as he can climb in and out of car seat, kitchen chair etc, the only time I really pick him up is to put him in the bath. I have had some sneezing issues too!
Definitely feeling a bit stiff now but nothing specifically worrying so hopefully it's fine.
I really appreciate your reassurance smile

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