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Will I have another difficult labour?

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RainbowChasing Wed 26-Apr-17 12:11:03

I am currently 14 weeks pregnant. I had my first dd four years ago. The pregnancy was generally fine but my labour was horrible. 3 days of excruciating pre-labour in which I wasn't able to eat, drink or sleep and I kept vomiting. I was hooked up to a drip for much of it and given nothing but good old paracetamol for the pain. I wasn't able to dilate on my own so was given drugs to speed things up. By the time I was actually ready to push I was so exhausted and baby so distressed the doctor made the decision to attempt a forceps delivery which fortunately worked.

In this pregnancy I have been so worried about getting to the 12 week mark that I haven't really thought beyond that target. However, a friend had a baby a week or so ago and she was telling me about her labour and it's suddenly made me very anxious about what mine will be like this time.

Can I hope that just because my first labour was dire that my next one will be "easier" (as easy as giving birth ever is)? Are there any women out there who had a difficult first birth but an easier second one? Reassurance needed please confused

user1480264544 Wed 26-Apr-17 14:08:40

My first labour although wasn't the most difficult or long lasting it was definitely traumatic .. waters went at 8 am, got to hospital around 3pm same day and she was with me by midnight.. but she was born not breathing and had swallowed poo on the way out so was very ill..! I lost a tonne of blood and ended up with countless stitches!! I'm now 26 weeks and the anxiety has hit!! I think the safest thing to say is every labour is going to be completely different but generally everyone I have spoke to has had an awful 1st experience and it was much easier second time.. I hope this is the case but I'm not banking on it! X

ButtfaceMiscreant Wed 26-Apr-17 14:15:07

My first labour was straight forward for the first 14 hours (induced, propess for 24 hours, waters broken for me then straight on to hormone drip which was increased steadily over the first 4/6 hours I think to full whack and remained at the full dose for the rest of the labour) but it went awry after that for the next 10 hours ending up in narrowly avoiding a crash section, having a forceps delivery followed by major haemorrhage and emergency situation (me, not DC thankfully), whereby the Dr had to use her fist inside my uterus to try and stem the bleeding. Not fun and traumatic all round.

Second labour was twins, induction again at 36+6, no hormone drip required, only waters being broken for me. 8hrs start to finish, no instruments and only gas and air. I did majorly haemorrhage again but it wasn't an emergency as with my first.

Every labour is different, but there is no reason you can't have a better time of it this time around. Good luck and talk to the drs/midwife if you need to for reassurance.

ChibiTotoro Wed 26-Apr-17 14:36:07

No one can say for sure, but just because you've had one doesn't mean the second delivery will be as bad.
I was induced with my first DC, who despite having been in the perfect position prior to this, then went back to back. It was only 16 hours between being induced and DC being born, but it was very painful, the pethidine kept making me fall asleep between contractions, I had an episiotomy, ventouse delivery and tearing. This was then followed by a week long stay in neo natal care for DC who had suspected sepsis and jaundice following them being 'yanked into this world'.
Second time round things couldn't have been more different. I went into labour on my own stayed at home until I was 7cm, had a water birth with gas and air at first (it got taken away as I was apparently enjoying it too much and not pushing) and second DC was born four hours later. Following that we were discharged the next day.
Does your hospital offer a service where you can read through your birth notes?I've

CoffeeBreakIn5 Wed 26-Apr-17 14:58:40

My first labour was awful and traumatic, my second was a walk in the park. All professionals told me it would be that way but I was anxious all the way through the second pregnancy. When I went into labour I thought I had days, I had about 3 hours.

No one can tell you for sure, but get all of the facts and work through a birth plan with your midwife that may avoid the problems you had last time or at least address them with something other than a watch and wait response. I did this and the relief made me feel a lot better, it made the pregnancy more enjoyable once I worked through things as I felt more in control.

I was set up to have an epidural as soon as I arrived at the hospital, it turns out it was too late. This worried me but realistically I didn't actually need one at that point, and it didn't get that much worse.

I hope you manage to have your mind eased, good luck.

toomuchtimereadingthreads2016 Wed 26-Apr-17 15:09:28

My first was awful too. For right or wrong, am feeling more confident this time. Different hospital (yet to see whether better!), I know how much it hurts so won't be blindsided like last time, and know what to avoid! Feel like I have got more resilient in the last three years too so am hoping I will be better at controlling my reactions to the pain x

RainbowChasing Wed 26-Apr-17 16:53:03

Thank you for your replies. They've helped a lot. I'm naturally very anxious about pregnancy and all the things that could go wrong due to previous miscarriages and needing IVF and now that I've been triggered into thinking about my previous labour it's just another thing for me to worry about. It's good to hear that most people who've had a difficult first labour worry about the second one but also a relief that I'm not destined to automatically have another difficult birth just because my first was difficult. I will speak to my midwife at my next appt and hopefully she can reassure me too. Thanks everyone!

AreWeThereYet000 Wed 26-Apr-17 21:55:11

My first labour lasted Sunday evening til weds tea time shock I kept getting sent home as I wasn't progressing passed 3cm so not technically in active labour but I kept going back as I couldn't cope with the pain so spent 2.5/3 days in a haze of gas and air/pethedine and I tore - oh and I had to have my waters burst... positive part my second labour started with me waking up with intense contractions, straight to the MLU and into the birth pool and baby arrived 4 hours and 27 minutes later, gas and air only and only got a slight graze xx

milkjetmum Wed 26-Apr-17 22:04:18

Dd1 was 28hr, waterbirth attempted before getting out around hr 24, a good hour on birthing stool, then theatre spinal block and forceps. Took some time to recover physically (episiotomy and blood loss).

Dd2 was a much more reasonable 18ish hours, and I had gas and air waterbirth I had so wanted with dd1. But was still begging for epidural sporadically during labour I will always remember the feeling of Dd2 entering the birth canal as I knew at that moment I had never felt that movement with dd1 and I instinctively knew Dd2 was going to arrive very and there was no point asking for the epidural anymore

Recovery much faster with Dd2 (was running around a soft play with dd1 a few days later!)

No one can predict of course, but most people seem to find 2nd time is easier, bit wouldn't go so far as to say easy smile

katienana Wed 26-Apr-17 22:07:52

My first labour involved a bad tear, pph and over 3 hours of pushing. My second was induced and although the contractions were very intense and painful it was less than an hour, and the pushing stage was like 3 pushes. No pph and I recovered very quickly. Nothing is guaranteed but I was convinced it would be the same, and it was very different. Hope you can let go of done anxiety and enjoy being pregnant, op.

Alexthekid Thu 27-Apr-17 06:38:37

First labour exactly like yours - 4 days, then 4 hours of exhausted pushing, episiotomy, emergency forceps and delivery in theatre.

Second labour 1hr 55 minutes!

I didn't believe people at all when they told me it'd be easier. It sooooo was! Hopefully yours will be too

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