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Travel help please

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stepmum88 Wed 26-Apr-17 09:41:00

Hi all,DH & I have a Trailfinders gift list (honeymoon/ wedding present) which we haven't used but want to before I pop in September. Want to use it in half term (I'm a teacher) have looked at South Africa, but been told there's too much risk with jabs. Have just spoken to Trailfinders about Mauritius- they have said the "recommended" jabs are polio booster and hep A. Can anyone give a desperate 2nd trimester pregnant lady hope and say they're saying it as a caution?!! Sun needed! 😫😫

Topsyloulou Wed 26-Apr-17 11:56:38

We went to South Africa in March when I was 6 weeks. It depends on where you are going as to what you need and whether you've had any of the jabs before. I didn't need anything as mine were still active from last time. DP needed the typhoid booster, think it also has tetanus & polio in & DS 2.5 just had hep a. When we went to Mauritius a couple of years ago we didn't need anything. Our GP has a travel vaccination form that you fill in & then they check your records & where you are going to determine what you need. Worth checking to see if your GP does something similar.

Personally I'd do Mauritius over South Africa, we've done SA 3 times & Mauritius once, PiLs live in SA but we're meeting them in Mauritius next time. Hope you manage to find somewhere.

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