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Lower back pain, cramps and nausea

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Ella2801 Tue 25-Apr-17 21:03:07

Hi all, just looking for some advice/reassurance.
I am around 9 weeks (no scan etc yet) and have had all the symptoms fairly badly, these had gotten better over the last few days but this afternoon all of a sudden I started to feel nauseous and this time it came with lower back pain and period like cramps and sharp pains down the sides of my stomach.
I seem to be weeing much more than I was before this came on too (about every 30mins!)
Spoke to MIL who is a nurse and she didn't seem worried but I'm nervous, this is my second baby and I didn't have this with my daughter.

Any advice would be appreciated smile

haveacupoftea Wed 26-Apr-17 01:42:16

Sounds like a UTI - see your GP.

Ella2801 Wed 26-Apr-17 08:09:43

Thanks, I'll try and get an appointment confused

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