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Cervix low and firm at 35+ weeks

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Shannon112 Tue 25-Apr-17 15:00:03

Hi everyone,

Just looking for a bit of advice. Me and some mammy-to-be friends were chatting about being pregnant etc and most of them mentioned checking their own cervix. Just checking to see how high it was and the changes in how it felt. I'd never done this but after checking with my midwife (who gave the OK, as long as it wasn't done often and nails were clean and clipped and hands were washed) I started checking this myself.

I started a week ago and it's always been so high that I've never been about to feel anything. Yesterday it was very slightly lower, my finger tip barely brushed the top of it and today when I checked its dropped a lot. As in it's went from being so high that I couldn't touch it to it being an inch or two away from my opening in about 24 hours. It doesn't feel like puckered lips like everybody told me it should feel like, but more like the tip of my nose.

I'm just curious to as of what this means? I so shocked how much it dropped in such a short time and as a FTM I'm pretty much clueless to all things pregnancy. blush I'm not worried about it so I'm not going to bother my midwife but more curious.

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