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Gas masks needed

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newbian Tue 25-Apr-17 14:49:23

I am so gassy it is horrible! DH is away for work thank God. I don't remember it being this bad last time. 8 weeks along now. Any remedies?

FanaticalFox Tue 25-Apr-17 15:24:15

Oh god it gets worse. After about 30 weeks there is no room for wind in your belly so it just comes out, if you don't let it out it HURTS so bad. For now just go with it, open a window and hold on for the ride.

newbian Tue 25-Apr-17 15:26:08

This is my second pregnancy! I was not prepared for this confused

FamilySpartan Tue 25-Apr-17 15:28:26

I've been stripping paint from the walls with my sulphurous, noxious emissions. I disgust myself.

This ends once the baby is born, right??

Topsyloulou Tue 25-Apr-17 15:47:09

I have wind both ends! It's such a relief at the end of the day to get in the car & let it all out but boy the car stinks after that. I found it got much better in the 2nd trimester & then came back a bit towards the very end.

Lunalovepud Tue 25-Apr-17 18:42:07

No-one does wind quite like a pregnant woman. And they think cows are the biggest threat to the ozone layer! grin

Just let rip - better out than in.

EatSpamAmandaLamb Tue 25-Apr-17 18:43:19

When I have birth to my forth I farted for about 5-6 minutes solid whilst we had skin to skin. It was specialist grin

newbian Wed 26-Apr-17 07:27:30

grin you've all given me some good laughs!

haveacupoftea Wed 26-Apr-17 09:12:52

34+5 and sitting here with the window wide open. They just come out when they want to now confused

toomuchtimereadingthreads2016 Wed 26-Apr-17 10:40:39

Same here! Love it when they escape as I try to sit up from lying... Remember with DD1 walking the corridors with my mum while being induced and she was very tactful but her eyes were watering haha

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