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Overweight and feeling guilty...

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rainbowsandsunshine Tue 25-Apr-17 11:02:59

I am very overweight and completely understand the higher risks associated with obesity and pregnancy.

However it seems that at every appointment I attend, my weight and high bmi are constantly being brought up and commented on. Often the information I am given is repetitive and quite upsetting.

I know that ideally I should have lost a lot more weight before getting pregnant, but it was unexpected and I was delighted.

Their comments are causing me so much anxiety and are actually making me feel guilty for getting and being pregnant and like a bad Mother for putting my unborn child through these higher risks.

I was overweight during my first pregnancy, luckily the pregnancy and birth went perfectly and my DD was born 8 days late at a very healthy 7lb 7oz.

Should I be more concerned about my weight? What exactly can I do about it now, if anything? I want to enjoy my pregnancy, not worry that I am already doing everything wrong.

fairybells Tue 25-Apr-17 11:10:42

I'm sorry they've made you feel like this! You should mention this to them as you can't do anything about it now anyway. All you can do is eat healthy now but not diet. I was classed as obese when pregnant but no one commented on it at all. Just enjoy your pregnancy!

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