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How to deal with early pregnancy anxiety

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TillyMinilli Mon 24-Apr-17 14:59:12

Hi All, I am hoping you can help (or if just talking about it will help). Im into my 7th week, everything was going well until last Thursday when I had quite a heavy bright red bleed following quite strong abdo and low back pain. I went to A&E who completed and exam and said it looks like a mc was underway as cervix was opening and they could see clots and mucas etc. When they palpated my right side I flinched quite badly in pain so they made an appointment at EPU the next day to check for an ectopic pregnancy. I was given some giant pads, told I could call/come straight to the ward if it went badly and went home and came to terms with it.

The pain and bleeding had stopped the next day. At the EPU, the midwifery sonographer did in internal scan and said we'll check that youre not still pregnant first...and I was....still pregnant, could see the heart beat, all was all normal - happy suprise!

Since then, I havent been able to stop thinking about it. I have been spotting, brown and they look like 'bits' for want of a better word. Not clots but tiny bits (Sorry if tmi). Ive been getting the regular cramps/mild discomfort as I was having before that I read were normal. Now im worried because my boobs were really sore last night and now they're not and im not nauseous, therefore im thinking im suddenly not pregnant again. I dont think anything would reassure me other than another scan but that wouldnt change the status of whats happening inside anyway and I would still have a number of weeks to go before my 12 week scan. My booking appointment is next Tuesday

But I still cant stop thinking about it and the anxiety is driving me crazy!- does anyone have any tips for dealing with this?

FanaticalFox Mon 24-Apr-17 19:58:19

My sister in law had this. She is convinced she was having twins and lost one. She now has a healthy 7 year old son and is grateful for that.

FanaticalFox Mon 24-Apr-17 19:58:53

Oops posted too soon....

So hopefully it'll be the same for you and a healthy baby at the end flowers

TillyMinilli Tue 25-Apr-17 10:28:18

Thank you. My nurse friend suggested that there may have been two in there also. The sonographer was quite certain the baby in there was looking good and we did see a little flicky heartbeat so hopefully it will go to the full term.
I told work and took a few days off. I had a really stressful day before it happened and then didnt get to sleep until 4am and then really didnt want to be in a toxic work environment. I knew I was having problems with stress anyway so I now have an occy health referral and hopefully will get some support going forward

Anyway, I took my mind off it in the end by reading a Lee Child book, doing some study and then going for a walk. Im going to try and minimise the time I spend reading about pregnancy and miscarraige, its doing me no favours. I was enjoying being pregnant until this happened now its just all worry either from having syptoms or not having enough symptoms,, from what I read on here its perfectly natural to do so.


FanaticalFox Tue 25-Apr-17 10:50:05

Try not to stress or worry as this won't help you or your baby. I know its hard but keep positive on your apparently very happy baby growing in there! And yes take whatever support you can with work too x

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