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Going insane with worry

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sizeofalentil Mon 24-Apr-17 04:58:04

I'm 5.5 wks pregnant and have had very strong nausea and breast pain for about a week.

Felt a bit 'different' last night, and have woken up with zero symptoms.

I had 2 mc last year around this time, which both started this way, so I am terrified I am going to mc again before I can even get booked in with a midwife to examine me (went to doctor when I got my bfp and they gave me a number to call and said wait for a call back).

I didn't get a bfp until I was one week late, so not sure booking in for a 6 week scan in thurs would even help as might be too small still sad

LapinR0se Mon 24-Apr-17 05:10:15

I am 5+1 and totally understand how you are feeling. Why don't you come and join us over on the December 17 antenatal group? We're all in the same boat with symptoms coming & going xx

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