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Itsadogslife1993 Sun 23-Apr-17 12:46:55

Hi ladies & maybe gents hmm


I was looking for some advice, I'm 39 + 1 weeks pregnant me and my partner had sex last night and instantly after I started getting stomach cramps I managed to sleep but got woken up around 5am with a constant period like cramp it look me a while to get back to sleep and woke up again this morning around Half 9 with no painsad I took the dog out for a walk and came home and I have a sore back it's constant though. Does this sound like early labour? This is my second baby but can't remember much from labour the last time it was 6 years ago lol.

Thanks x

SuperSix77 Sun 23-Apr-17 13:24:35

It sounds like labour isn't too far away. I had the same with my last...sore back lasted a day or two though but it was definitely the start. Keep walking if you want to speed things up. Good luck! I've another week or so to go but I'd happily go sooner! 🙄

Itsadogslife1993 Sun 23-Apr-17 14:12:53

Thanks for the reply. I'm due 29th April.. Im so impatient, I was 3 days early with my eldest son but was in labour for 3 days with him ended up having to get forceps, I'm hoping this one is easier lol. Do you know what your having or you keeping it as a surprise, I'm having an other boy. I was hoping for a girl this time but I'll love him all the same. grin

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