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Baby sling suggestions

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jadeyty Sun 23-Apr-17 07:07:24

Suggestions for baby slings suitable from newborn. There are just so many options out there and some very expensive I think for what they are!

Soubriquet Sun 23-Apr-17 07:19:44

I used this one

Kari me

Took a bit of fiddling to get used to wrapping it but once I got it it was a doddle.

Not too expensive either and I found it really comfortable. And I have a bad back!

OnlyEatsToast Sun 23-Apr-17 07:21:25

Close Caboo

westeringhome Sun 23-Apr-17 07:22:24

The Amawrap sling is a good one, the material is good quality, thick and enough stretch to properly support a newborn, plus it is really comfy on. Can't remember how much it was but in the region of 20/30 quid of amazon a couple of years ago, might have been even cheaper on special. I used it for dc3 and for and will do for dc5.

PatMustardsBigTool Sun 23-Apr-17 07:30:30

You may have a local sling library in your area where you can try out and hire different slings and carriers. Find one that suits you and baby best. If you have Facebook just search for sling library plus your area name, for example Sheffield sling library.

MrsSeverusSnape Sun 23-Apr-17 09:19:49

Check for your local sling library, some do free stretchy wrap hire for newborns.

ToDuk Sun 23-Apr-17 11:43:57

We used baba sling and it was wonderful. Used it til the youngest was 3.

Cagliostro Sun 23-Apr-17 12:01:27

Thanks for this thread. I'm wondering about slings too. I used a tomy sling with my first two years ago but didn't get on with it really (especially with DS who was huge at birth).

I have chronic pain/fatigue issues though so it's worrying me that I won't find something suitable.

I've found a fairly local sling meet though thanks to that link smile so I will go along later in the pregnancy.

I'm also huge (I don't just mean because of pregnancy!) with huge boobs so I'd worry about something being big enough! blush

DuggeeHugs Sun 23-Apr-17 13:28:30

I used a Baby Björn sling and an Amazonas wrap. Worked really well for us. Once DC reached 15 months we started using a LittleLife rucksack for longer outings and they now walk the rest.

witsender Sun 23-Apr-17 16:15:49

I used a stretchy wrap with our first when she was a newborn, but quickly moved to wovens like Didymos. With #2 just went straight to the latter. With #3, I'm going to make sure we have a ring sling, and a couple of wovens in different lengths.

AudreyBradshaw Sun 23-Apr-17 22:25:46

We had a cheap stretchy wrap for when he was first born. But hands down my best piece of baby equipment I've bought has been a connecta. Just ordered a mei tai style sling as Dh is massively mucular and doesn't fit in the connecta.

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