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Update is it disdiagnosis miscarriage

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Staceywilliams24 Sun 23-Apr-17 01:41:49

Hi I did a post last week about the trouble I been having. Long story and can't really type that good so please bare with me and I can't spell either anyway I found out on 13th April 2017 that am pregnant I did 4 normal test come up faint line. I then did 4 clear blue digital test shows pregnant 1/2 weeks. I then been to walking care centre nurse did a test and book me in for early pregnancy scan as I was unsure with my dates and pervious miscarriage's I had in the past and because I had little pain in my belly. On 17th April I went to early pregnancy unit they told me not to drink water and to empty my bladder which I don't understand. The nurse told me am 7weeks I told her she wrong as am only to early anyway other nurse did a normal scan and internal scan which she hurt me by moving to much she said there is a tiny sac but no baby she was so rude and negative told me that I have either already lost or I be having miscarriage I told her no as I haven't bleed. I went to see other nurse she said it could be very early pregnancy and to come back in 2 weeks for other scan. She did bloods test which she hadn't had a clue how to take bloods anyway I rang them and the woman on phone told me it is low for being 7weeks ( which I told her am not 7 weeks am 2 weeks pregnant ) but said there is still pregnancy in my hcg bloods and said to come back on Wednesday to repeat it see if it goes double or not on go pregnancy. On 19th I went back to repeat my bloods seen different nurse and she was horrible she told me get ready to bad news she took my bloods again I rang them she said my hcg gone down and told me not to bother for a scan just to come back for more bloods I then told her to forget I get second option as you did same thing with my 6 year old son. I had low hcg with him and told me I will end up miscarriage but I didn't. That later on on that day I spoke to different hospital I spoke to nurse in early pregnancy unit told her what been said and she told me that they not meant to say that to me at all and said if I miscarriage I won't have a sac there and told me I am very early and it will not show baby on scan only small sac and hcg it is not very low in danger zone but is low but she said not to worry as I am early . I haven't spot or even bleed at all. All I got is sore boobs and discharge she told me to try to relax and see me on 28th . On 18th April I spoke to male and female doctor they have said the same what other hospital said and told me not to worry if I bleed go to a+e. I am keep going to let to check down there to see if am bleeding but only white discharge yes am over paranoid and worrying to much I can't help it as I suffer gad I do have cramp pain in my belly but that cause my ibs playing up as am stress and I feel like my period going to come for days like am waiting but that cause baby getting ready or in it place . Has anyone had same problem

RedastheRose Sun 23-Apr-17 01:52:54

I can't really help but didn't want to leave without replying. Easier said than done but try and relax. There is nothing you can do if you aren't pregnant or have already miscarried but if your are still pregnant worrying is only going to do you harm. Try and be philosophical and do some meditation breathing exercises and sleep and relax as much as possible.

Staceywilliams24 Sun 23-Apr-17 02:00:05

Thank you I will try I been told of with my family and friend and doctors but I am very worried I even waste my money to do more test and my test are positive and the lines gor darker then the ones I did last week and if I did had miscarriage I would be bleeding by now and I won't have pregnancy in my bloods and my test would of get lighter not darker. I am still taken my folic acid as I know Sunderland hospital are wrong like they were wrong with my 6 year old son. My mother when she was pregnant with us 4. And my sister who got 5week's baby. On 9th April I did a test and it was negative and then 13th April positive. Did a test a week early before my periods as that when I feel strange. Going hot . Sore boobs. Feeling sick and fainting which I don't have that when am due on my periods but I hope I get some good news on Friday it still might be early but we will see x

DeliciouslyHella Sun 23-Apr-17 03:41:25

Please stop taking pregnancy tests. You don't need to. Repeat to yourself: 'Today I am pregnant'. Keep repeating it as much as you need to.

The period type pain is quite normal during early pregnancy. Most people I know (myself included) have had this.

calimommy Sun 23-Apr-17 05:16:49

Heya, between the jigs and the reels I think I follow what your talking about. I'm not trying to alarm you but you can easily have a sac without further growth. A missed miscarriage is when the pregnancy stops developing at some point but the pregnancy still continues for some time before it either miscarries on its own or a d&c is performed. I know you are a little uncertain about your dates so really a follow up scan in two weeks would be a lot more illuminating. It's a long two week wait, I've done it many times! But two weeks is a long time at this stage and so much happens in that time that you could go back and see a totally different picture.
Try not to get too bogged down by your experiences with the nurses, sometimes we get defensive and misinterpret responses when we are upset or anxious. I know I do. And maybe they are just crappy nurses, but that's not your problem. X

Doughnutsandrainbows Sun 23-Apr-17 10:33:21

Hello, i know it's an awful time waiting to see what happens.

As previous posters have said at this early point in your pregnancy the tiny baby may not be visible just yet, a sac is a good sign, however if you have a scan in a couple of weeks time you should see that the baby has developed, grown and has a heartbeat.

It is possible that you have miscarried the baby without bleeding just yet. Our bodies don't always react as they should and a second scan is really important to determine this.

In terms of the dates, the scan dates are the more accurate ones. Clear blue digital tests provide a guide, but aren't diagnostic and 1-2 weeks would actually mean 3-4 weeks (due to the way that hospitals date the pregnancy from the first day of your last period)

If you have been seen by the EPU you should be able to have your second scan with them so it shouldnt cost you extra money.

Good luck with everything, and I hope that you get good news xx

Staceywilliams24 Sun 23-Apr-17 18:36:17

Thank you everyone for all your support and help I will let you all know on Friday 28th just fingers crossed everything will be okay or any change can't have any more bad news so fingers crossed girls xx

mysecret321 Fri 28-Apr-17 17:18:21

How did it go Stacey? I hope you're OK

Staceywilliams24 Mon 01-May-17 15:16:44

I had my scan on 28th only had belly scan as I won't have vagina one. They told me they nothing to worry about everything looks okay and not to worry as when yiur early it wont show baby yet but if I do bleed to go back. But am back on 12th may to see if everything okay and see if the baby shows up. I have had stressful days cause the baby dad and worried with this pregnancy but I think this baby will be a fighter. Thank you for asking mysecret321 xx

mysecret321 Mon 01-May-17 16:01:34

Glad to hear that hope it all goes well from now on x

Sweetyboo Mon 01-May-17 16:28:11

Not had that prob but i had 3 m/c 2 coz baby wasnt well & 3rd no heart beat at 8weeks im pregnant again i think 5 or 6 weeks as my 1st of period was 22nd march. Im super paranoid too. Keep worrying as soon my belly hurts i get worried & paranoid that is baby ok. Not contact my doc but called midwife & she was very rude abut it. I defo want an early scan but dont know who to call or how to get a diff midwife. Good luck hun

Sweetyboo Mon 01-May-17 16:31:46

I hope all go well hun forgot to say that My last pregnancy i was suppose to be 10weeks but lady said no heart beat & baby is only 7 or 8 weeks she was surprise that i didnt had any bleeding & baby still in she had to give me a tab to make it happen.

Sweetyboo Mon 01-May-17 16:32:54

Glad all is well stacey x fingers crossed for you.

Staceywilliams24 Tue 02-May-17 00:38:22

Sweetyboo am so sorry you experience same problem. I hope everything be okay and if you want a early scan just go to walk in centre see you got pains and you unsure when your last period was. And tell then you had miscarriage in pass that how I got my early scan. When I went see a nurse on 17th they were very rude and told me that I have miscarriage or am going pass it so I change different hospital and I had scan on 28th and everything is fine nothing to worry about but I still worry and am not enjoying this pregnancy as am still worried anything can happen. Doesn't help with baby dad dumped me and treating me horrible cheated on me and now sleeping with my friend /his ex. Some people tell me to get rid of it but I told them no its my baby and it's a gift. Hopefully this time will be okay. And I hope everything be okay with you to. I do get pains but I know it's my ibs playing up but I do worrying a lot and good luck keep me updated xx

Staceywilliams24 Tue 02-May-17 00:39:05

Sweetyboo thank you hun I hope so x

Staceywilliams24 Tue 02-May-17 01:50:05

I mean thank you hun mysecret321

Sweetyboo Tue 02-May-17 09:54:40

Sorry to hear that stacey..... i had 3 m/c so didnt need to go anywhere just called midwide & today got a call for earlt scan tomorrow. IM only 6weeks pg. SUPER worried & paranoid. Heart beating so fast since i find out that got scan tom dont like scan as 3 times had bad exp with them. Twice at my 12-13 week scan & last pg my 10week scan no good news so now im NOT looking forward to it tom

Staceywilliams24 Tue 02-May-17 10:30:56

Sweetyboo aww am so sorry for all your lost . Try to stay strong I know it hard I have been there to. And I know you are scared and worried. I am the same but just try hang on in there hun. I was same on 28th wasn't looking forward at all but everything looks okay. And dont get upset if baby doesn't show up at the scan as it will be still early. Good luck and all the best for tomorrow x

Sweetyboo Tue 02-May-17 14:28:42

Thanks hun

Staceywilliams24 Wed 03-May-17 13:20:37

How did it go sweetyboo

Sweetyboo Wed 03-May-17 17:12:30

Stacey there is a yolk but as im only 5 week she cudnt see much or hear heart so going next wed again

Staceywilliams24 Wed 03-May-17 18:58:29

That good am glad everything okay. I have woke up bleeding so am in a+e

mysecret321 Wed 03-May-17 20:35:58

Hope you're OK Stacey xxx

Sweetyboo Wed 03-May-17 22:02:36

Oh no i hope you ok stacey. Ya im ok for now i hope next week goes well. I will be stressed till 3 months after 12 week scan will find out if all is well

Staceywilliams24 Wed 03-May-17 23:30:17

No am not okay really they said it cud be implantation bleeding or more likely have lost it but I had not pass any clot no pains or cramps and bleeding calm down I got scam tomorrow they said I can go or wait til the 16th so my head all over place am at home got my feet up xx

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