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Pregnancy after Miscarriage (need info)

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xagirlwholovesglitterx Sat 22-Apr-17 18:34:55

hi girls,

i wasnt 100% that i could possibly be pregnant, i wasnt expecting it either. i let my body have a period before i even consider sex so there has been a menstrual cycle sins my miscarriage.

2 days before my period i was throwing up the 2 nights before and the 2 days before that i was having on and off belly ache. mild nothing too much. got encouraged to take a test... and there it was (test shown below) 2 lines. it came up instantly.

what i wanted to know info wise is...

1) has anyone done tested at a similar time with different pregnancies and found the lines have been more clearer than the last time? because this time it came up instantly and was alot clearer.

2) when do you thinks best to test again and how many tests did you do to be certain?

3) whens the best time to go to drs as i dont wanna start gettin carried away like last time as it ended at 6 weeks.

thankyou smile xx

calimommy Tue 25-Apr-17 05:20:25

That's a positive test. First Response doesn't lie. Congrats!
I've had two losses and now expecting my third baby so I know the emotional roller coaster of the first trimester. They usually want to see you for a check up and booking in around 8 weeks. And if you had a loss at 6 weeks before then once you get past the 6&7 week mark you might feel better. My losses were 9 weeks and 10 weeks so I was always holding my breath till 11 weeks.

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