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Spots during pregnancy and gender

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Chicci1 Sat 22-Apr-17 15:33:57

When I was pregnant with dd my skin was horrific - I was plagued with spots all over my face, chest and back. They started almost as soon as I got my bfp and we're my biggest pregnancy symptom. Now three months pregnant again and skin is totally clear. Just wondering whether this might be a sign of a boy this time. Would be delighted either way I should say! Did many people who had bad skin in pregnancy go on to have good skin with other pregnancies and was it indicative of gender?

harleysmammy Sat 22-Apr-17 16:34:58

I'm 38 weeks with a little boy and I've had the worst hormonal acne since 6 weeks. It was actually what made me take a test as I normally have pretty good skin. My sister has had one boy and one girl and had perfect skin both times. I think it's just old wives tales x

calimommy Tue 25-Apr-17 05:33:19

Yeah I had problem skin with my previous two boys but then they this time I was fine and was also very sick whereas I'd not really had nausea with the boys... im having a third boy! Haha every pregnancy is different I guess x

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